21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires

Success isn’t an accident.

The law of cause and effect states that there is an effect for every cause.

Self-made millionaires’ success is the result of doing certain things in a certain way, over and over again. Their success isn’t the money itself, but the person they become in the process of making that money.

In fact, to achieve anything great in life, you must develop qualities and disciplines that the average person lacks.

This is why self-made millionaires who go through bankruptcy can make the money back so fast and be as rich as they were and even richer.

This post contains 21 success secrets I’ve learned from Brian Tracy’s book “21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires” that will help you become successful.

Ready? Let’s get started!

21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires

01. Dream Brig Dreams.

Successful people begin with a dream. Allow yourself to dream big. Imagine that you have no limitations on what you can be, have, or do in your life.

Imagine that you have all the money, time, education, experience, contact, and any resources you need to achieve that dream.

What does your life look like? How much money are you earning?

The clearer your vision, the faster you’ll move towards it.

02. Develop a Clear Sense of Direction.

“You become what you think about most of the time.” You move in the direction of your dominant thoughts.

This is why successful people think about their goals most of the time.

Average people, on the other hand, think and talk about their worries and problems most of the time.

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When you turn your dreams into clear, specific written goals and start thinking about them most of the time, you find yourself moving towards them.

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21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires

03. See Yourself as Self-Employed.

When you see yourself as self-employed no matter who’s singing your paycheck, you start taking complete responsibility for your own life.

You refuse to make excuses and to blame others for your own problems and shortcomings.

If there’s something you don’t like about your life, you change it.

You become in charge.

04. Do What You Love to Do.

Finding what you love to do and throwing your whole heart into doing it, very well, is not only one of the greatest secrets to success, but also one of your primary responsibilities in life.

Most self-made millionaires would tell you that they “never worked a day in their life,” simply because they found an area of endeavor that was a natural expression of their special talents and abilities.

A great question you can ask yourself to figure out if what you’re doing now is indeed what you love, is “If you won a million dollars, tomorrow, would you continue to do what you are currently doing?”

05. Commit to Excellence.

Resolve today to join the top 10 percent of your field and become the very best at what you do.

Successful people are extremely competent in their fields. They get recognized and rewarded for their excellence.

Becoming good at what you’re doing, not only will get you recognized but also will raise your self-esteem levels. You start feeling good about yourself and that will improve your work and relationships.

So ask yourself “What one skill, if I developed and did it in an excellent way, would have the greatest positive impact on my life?” set this skill as a goal and begin working on developing it.

06. Work Longer and Harder.

Self-made millionaires start working earlier, stay later, and work harder than the average person.

They’ve developed a reputation for being amongst the hardest working people in their field. They work an average of 59 hours per week and many of them work 70 to 80 hours, especially at the beginning of their careers.

At the same time, they don’t get burned out easily because they’re doing something they love, something rewarding.

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Resolve to become a hard worker, start earlier, stay later, and work all the time you’re working.

Eliminate distractions and focus on getting your highest value tasks done.

07. Dedicate Yourself to Lifelong Learning.

Your mind is like a muscle. The more you use it, the more it develops. Most importantly, the more you learn, the more you can earn. Successful people never stop learning.

This is why you need to resolve today to become a student of your craft and to continue learning and becoming better for the rest of your life.

Reading is one of the best ways to learn. By dedicating an hour every day to read in your field, you’ll be able to read one book per week.

That translates into 50 books per year. And since the average adult reads less than one book per year, you’ll become one of the most competent in your field.

Other great ways to learn include listening to audio programs while driving or exercising and attending courses and seminars.

21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires

08. Pay Yourself First.

Contrary to popular belief, self-made millionaires live in average neighborhoods, in average houses, and drive average cars. They save and invest their money wisely.

Start saving and investing, today, at least 10 percent of your income. Practice frugality in all things and pay attention to where every penny is going. Many people believe that the key to financial independence is earning more money.

The fact is, expenses rise to meet income.

When your income increases, you find yourself upgrading your life; moving to a bigger house, buying a bigger, fancier car… even though your income is increasing, you have nothing left to save and you might find yourself getting more and more in debt.

09. Learn Every Detail of Your Business.

Your goal should be to become an expert in your field, and that you can achieve by learning every detail about your field and how to do your work better.

Read every book and attend every course in your field. Find out what the top people in your field are doing and do the same.

10. Dedicate Yourself to Serving Others.

The more you serve others and solve their problems, the wealthier you become.

Self-made millionaires think about their customers and how to serve them better all the time. Resolve to start looking for opportunities to do more than you are being paid for.

Always go the extra mile for your customers.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be a business owner to be able to serve your customers.

In fact, customers are the people you depend on for your success. They can be your boss and coworkers.

11. Be Absolutely Honest with Yourself and Others.

A reputation for honesty is one of the most valued qualities when it comes to business.

When people trust you, they’ll be willing to work with you, give you credit, buy your products and services, help you during difficult times…

To build that trust, you need to be true to yourself by doing what you do in an excellent way and living up to the very highest standard that you know, and then you need to be true to other people.

12. Determine Your Highest Priorities and Concentrate on Them Single-Mindedly.

When you set your priorities clearly and concentrate single-mindedly on them, you’ll be able to accomplish anything you want in life.

It’s also a test and measure of your willpower and self-discipline.

Ask yourself what your highest value activities are that contribute the most to your work progress.

Then commit to working on the most important tasks until they’re 100 percent complete.

13. Develop a Reputation for Speed and Dependability.

We’re living in a time when even instant gratification isn’t enough anymore.

Loyal customers would change suppliers overnight if someone else offers faster service.

Successful people have a reputation for speed. They respond faster to people’s needs and they move fast on opportunities.

This is why they keep attracting more opportunities and possibilities.

14. Be Prepared to Climb from Peak to Peak.

Business is made up of cycles and trends. The world is constantly changing and you must be prepared to go through a series of ups and downs throughout your career.

Remind yourself that everything in your life moves in cycles.

Plan long-term, but remain calm and confident when you’re faced with short-term fluctuations.

21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires

15. Practice Self-Discipline in All Things.

You need to develop self-discipline if you want to achieve anything great in your life.

By disciplining yourself to do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not, you virtually guarantee your success.

Developing self-discipline also means having a long-term perspective and being able to delay instant gratification for your long-term goals.

The difference between successful and average people is that successful people are more concerned with pleasing results, while average people are more concerned with pleasing methods.

16. Unlock Your Inborn Creativity.

Your brain has the ability to develop unlimited ideas. Your brain and creativity are like a muscle that develops with practice.

The more you focus on achieving your goals, solving your problems, and answering tough questions about your work and personal life, the more creative you become.

You become more able to improve your work, find better, faster, cheaper, and easier ways to achieve your desired results and succeed faster.

17. Get around the Right People.

More than 80% of your success and happiness in life will be determined by the quality of the relationships you develop and the people you surround yourself with.

The more you surround yourself with successful people, the faster you’ll move ahead.

In fact most of your attitudes, behaviors, values and beliefs you have are based on the people with whom you associate.

Make sure you surround yourself more with positive, successful people.

18. Take Excellent Care of Your Physical Health.

Successful people take excellent care of their physical health.

They discipline themselves to develop healthy habits that allow them to stay in shape and become healthier.

If you want to become healthier, you need to eat less and exercise more.

Adopt a diet is rich in proteins, fruits, and vegetables and eliminate sugar, soft drinks, and white floors.

Eat smaller portions four or five times a day instead of three large meals.

Finally, whether you decide to join a health club, or simply start walking for 30 to 60 minutes, make sure you move your body regularly.

21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires

19. Be Decisive and Action Oriented.

Successful people are decisive and action-oriented.

This allows them to try far more things than other people do.

They move faster and get quick feedback from their actions. If they make a mistake, they quickly self-correct.

This also allows them to improve, find better ways to do their work, and move ahead.

20. Never Allow Failure to Be an Option.

Fear of failure is the greatest obstacle to success.

It can paralyze your thoughts and actions and hold you back from doing the things that will bring you success.

Note that it’s the fear of failure and not failure itself that holds you from succeeding. In fact, failure makes you stronger and more determined.

Successful people aren’t afraid of failure, but they’re not gamblers either.

They take calculated risks and learn from their mistakes.

21. Pass the “Persistence Test”.

Persistence goes hand in hand with all great achievements in life.

Resolve in advance that you will never give up, no matter how many setbacks and disappointments you’re going to face.

This way you’ll be psychologically ready when faced with adversity.


Remind yourself that success is predictable.

It’s the result of your habits.

The more you adopt successful habits, the more likely you’re going to succeed.

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21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires

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21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires

Portions of this article were adapted from the book “21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires”, © 2000 by Brian Tracy. All rights reserved. The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires: How ...
21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires
21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires
21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires
21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires
21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires
21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires
21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires
21 Success Secret of Self-Made Millionaires

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