Thinking Like Successful People: The Ultimate Guide To Reprogram Your Mind For Great Success

When successful people are asked the question “What do you think about, most of the time?”

Their answer, consistently, is “what they want and how to get it”.

Thinking about these two things, is essentially what makes their thoughts positive, constructive, and success-oriented.

On the other hand, unsuccessful people think and talk about what they don’t want and who is to blame for their problems, most of the time.

As a result, their thoughts attract more of what they don’t want and hold them back from reaching their full potential.

Today you’re going to learn how to reprogram your mind for great success and become a successful person.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Your Self-concept

Your self-concept acts as your mental operating system. It’s where every thought, feeling, emotion, experience, and decision you’ve ever had is permanently recorded.

These impressions then influence the way you think, feel, and behave in the future. Your self-concept will then predict your level of effectiveness in every area of your life.

You might have an extraordinary ability in a particular area, but if your self-concept is poor in that area, you’ll never perform at your highest potential.

This explains why your outer world always reflects your inner world. The life you’re living is consistent with the way you think and feel on the inside.

Your Comfort Zone

Your self-concept, your habit of thinking with regard to any area of performance in your life, becomes your comfort zone.

Once you get into a comfort zone in any area, you remain there no matter how capable you are of achieving great things in that area. For example, if your comfort zone is earning $40,000 per year, no matter what happens (recession, bonuses…) you’ll earn exactly that.

By the same token, when your comfort zone is earning $120,000 per year, even if you lose your job and have to start over, you’ll be earning the exact, same amount. You’ll always find ways to stay in your comfort zone.

This is why the key to reach your full potential, is to expand your comfort zone by raising your self-concept in different areas of your life and changing your thoughts and feelings about what you can achieve and who you can become in the process.

Reprogram Yourself For Greater Success

#1. Think About The Future

Successful people are future-oriented. They have a vision of a better future for themselves, their families, and their organizations.

Then they work hard to make their vision a reality in the present. This way of thinking separates them from the unsuccessful people who are either concerned about the immediate gratification of the present or regretting their past and what blaming it for their present situation.

If you want to become future-oriented, simply ask yourself “If my life was perfect five years from now, what would it look like?”Imagine that you have all the knowledge and experience you need, that all opportunities and possibilities are open to you.

Develop a dream list and write down everything you would like to have in your life.

#2. Develop a Clear Sense of Direction

“You become what you think about most of the time.” You move in the direction of your dominant thoughts.

This is why successful people think about their goals most of the time.

Average people, on the other hand, think and talk about their worries and problems most of the time.

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When you turn your dreams into clear, specific written goals and start thinking about them most of the time, you find yourself moving towards them.

#3. Identify Your Values In Life

Your values are your deeply held desires and wishes, and the more your life is aligned with your values, the happier and fulfilled you become.

This is why it’s important to define the values you choose to live by.

The more clarity you develop about the key values that you wish to incorporate in yourself and your life, the more aligned your life becomes with these values.

You start to move more rapidly in the direction of your most important goals.

#4. Find Positive Role Models

Researchers found that many people who have accomplished great things in life had been avid readers of the biographies and autobiographies of successful people when they were younger.

They also found that people who have positive role models around them when they were growing up are more likely to become successful in life.

Associating with positive influences can play a major role in the level of your success in life.

#5. Get around the Right People

More than 80% of your success and happiness in life will be determined by the quality of the relationships you develop and the people you surround yourself with.

The more you surround yourself with successful people, the faster you’ll move ahead.

In fact most of your attitudes, behaviors, values and beliefs you have are based on the people with whom you associate.

Make sure you surround yourself more with positive, successful people.

#6. See Yourself as Self-Employed

When you see yourself as self-employed no matter who’s singing your paycheck, you start taking complete responsibility for your own life.

You refuse to make excuses and to blame others for your own problems and shortcomings.

If there’s something you don’t like about your life, you change it.

You become in charge.

#7. Do What You Love to Do

Finding what you love to do and throwing your whole heart into doing it, very well, is not only one of the greatest secrets to success, but also one of your primary responsibilities in life.

Most self-made millionaires would tell you that they “never worked a day in their life,” simply because they found an area of endeavor that was a natural expression of their special talents and abilities.

A great question you can ask yourself to figure out if what you’re doing now is indeed what you love, is “If you won a million dollars, tomorrow, would you continue to do what you are currently doing?”

#8. Unlock Your Inborn Creativity

Your brain has the ability to develop unlimited ideas. Your brain and creativity are like a muscle that develops with practice.

The more you focus on achieving your goals, solving your problems, and answering tough questions about your work and personal life, the more creative you become.

You become more able to improve your work, find better, faster, cheaper, and easier ways to achieve your desired results and succeed faster.

#9. Improve Your Self-Image

The way we see ourselves on the inside largely determines how we perform on the outside.

If you see yourself confident, productive, and successful on the inside, that’s exactly how you’ll act on the outside. And the way you act will largely determine the results you get and this, in turn, reinforces your self-image.

Improving your self-image is especially useful before engaging in any performance of importance.

Before meeting a new person, applying for a job, making a presentation… see yourself performing with confidence and professionalism and this how you’ll perform in the actual situation.

In fact, by giving your subconscious mind the right image, words, actions, and gestures will correspond exactly to the picture you created in your mind.

#10. Boost Your Self-esteem

The level of your self-esteem corresponds to how much you like yourself.

It’s important to work on boosting your self-esteem because the more you like yourself, the happier and more confident you feel and the better you perform in any area of your life.

And the better you perform, the more you like yourself. One of the best techniques to boost your self-esteem is practicing positive self-talk and repeating affirmation, in particular, “I like myself!” Say to yourself multiple times throughout the day.

You might find it hard to believe at first, but the more you do it, the more you’ll be able to believe it and say it with much enthusiasm.

#11. Practice Self-Discipline in All Things

You need to develop self-discipline if you want to achieve anything great in your life.

By disciplining yourself to do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not, you virtually guarantee your success.

Developing self-discipline also means having a long-term perspective and being able to delay instant gratification for your long-term goals.

The difference between successful and average people is that successful people are more concerned with pleasing results, while average people are more concerned with pleasing methods.

#12. Take Excellent Care of Your Physical Health

Successful people take excellent care of their physical health.

They discipline themselves to develop healthy habits that allow them to stay in shape and become healthier.

If you want to become healthier, you need to eat less and exercise more.

Adopt a diet is rich in proteins, fruits, and vegetables and eliminate sugar, soft drinks, and white floors.

Eat smaller portions four or five times a day instead of three large meals.

Finally, whether you decide to join a health club, or simply start walking for 30 to 60 minutes, make sure you move your body regularly.

#13. Create An Action Plan

Once you have a clear vision of what you want in life, ask yourself “How do I achieve it?” Asking “How” pushes you to be not only future-oriented but also positive.

In fact, thinking about how to achieve your goals ignites greater energy and enthusiasm. You feel more confident and in control.

Eventually, you’ll have more insights and creative ideas that will turn your vision into reality.

#14. Commit To Excellence

Excellence orientation is one of the reasons why successful people are good at what they do. The world doesn’t reward hard work, it rewards excellence.

Make a decision to be excellent at what you do and do something every day to improve. Keep moving forward. Learn and practice new things every single day to keep your momentum. Anyone who decides to become the best in his field and start working on that goal will reach astounding success.

By becoming excellent, you not only adopt a positive way of thinking, but you also raise your self-esteem and self-respect.

Ask yourself “What one skill, if you developed and did it in an excellent fashion, would help you the most in your career?” once you find out the answer, set this skill as a goal, write it down, make a plan and begin working on it every single day.

#15. Work Longer and Harder

Self-made millionaires start working earlier, stay later, and work harder than the average person.

They’ve developed a reputation for being amongst the hardest working people in their field. They work an average of 59 hours per week and many of them work 70 to 80 hours, especially at the beginning of their careers.

At the same time, they don’t get burned out easily because they’re doing something they love, something rewarding.

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Resolve to become a hard worker, start earlier, stay later, and work all the time you’re working.

Eliminate distractions and focus on getting your highest value tasks done.

#16. Focus On Results

Another attitude for optimism is result-orientation.

Successful people constantly think about the results that are expected of them and the results they expect of themselves.

Make a list of everything you have to do before you begin working. Organize this list by priority and value that can be added to your work. Select the most important tasks on your list and concentrate single-mindedly on working that one task until it is complete.

Make sure you make the best use of your time by focusing on your highest-value activities, the ones that contribute the greatest value to your work.

Delegate, outsource, or eliminate the rest and keep in mind that the worst use of time is doing very well what needs not be done at all.

#17. Concentrate On Solutions

When you focus on what can be done and how can you solve the problem instead of what has happened and who is to blame, you develop an optimistic attitude.

In fact the more you think about your problems, the more negative and angry you become.

However, when you think and talk about the solutions, you develop a positive and creative mindset. Problems never end, as long as you’re taking risks and acting outside of your comfort zone, you’ll occasionally encounter problems and crises of some kind.

What matters is how effectively you face these problems. How good you are at problem-solving largely determines your success and how far you go.

The key to becoming a problem solver is to resist the temptation to blame others and make excuses when something goes wrong and instead talk and think about possible solutions for every problem you encounter.

Ask yourself what is the next step, how can you limit the damage, how can you prevent this from happening again, and where do you go from here.

The more you focus on solutions, the better you become at solving complex problems.

#18. Be Decisive and Action Oriented

Successful people are decisive and action-oriented.

This allows them to try far more things than other people do.

They move faster and get quick feedback from their actions. If they make a mistake, they quickly self-correct.

This also allows them to improve, find better ways to do their work, and move ahead.

#19. Dedicate Yourself to Serving Others

The more you serve others and solve their problems, the wealthier you become.

Self-made millionaires think about their customers and how to serve them better all the time. Resolve to start looking for opportunities to do more than you are being paid for.

Always go the extra mile for your customers.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be a business owner to be able to serve your customers.

In fact, customers are the people you depend on for your success. They can be your boss and coworkers.

#20. Develop a Reputation for Speed and Dependability

We’re living in a time when even instant gratification isn’t enough anymore.

Loyal customers would change suppliers overnight if someone else offers faster service.

Successful people have a reputation for speed. They respond faster to people’s needs and they move fast on opportunities.

This is why they keep attracting more opportunities and possibilities.

#21. Learn Every Detail of Your Business

Your goal should be to become an expert in your field, and that you can achieve by learning every detail about your field and how to do your work better.

Read every book and attend every course in your field. Find out what the top people in your field are doing and do the same.

#22. Dedicate Yourself To Lifelong Learning

When you get better, your life gets better as well.

Successful people are growth-oriented. They’re eager to learn and put into practice new ideas, techniques, methods, and strategies in every area of their lives.

Basketball coach Pat Riley wrote, “If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.”

Your mind is like a muscle. It needs constant exercise to stay in shape and develop. If you want to earn more, you must learn more, develop new skills, and add more value.

A powerful practice that can guarantee you success in your life, is to invest 3 percent of your income in yourself for the rest of your life. Investing in a single book or audio program or a workshop can pay for itself 100 times and even 1,000 times.

When you upgrade your abilities to think and perform at higher levels, you become able to increase your income faster. Make sure you read at least one hour every day in your field.

Listen to audio programs while driving from place to place or exercising. Attend every helpful course or workshop you can find.

These practices can change your life in a short period of time.

#23. Be Prepared to Climb from Peak to Peak

Business is made up of cycles and trends. The world is constantly changing and you must be prepared to go through a series of ups and downs throughout your career.

Remind yourself that everything in your life moves in cycles.

Plan long-term, but remain calm and confident when you’re faced with short-term fluctuations.

#24. Pass the “Persistence Test”

Persistence goes hand in hand with all great achievements in life.

Resolve in advance that you will never give up, no matter how many setbacks and disappointments you’re going to face.

This way you’ll be psychologically ready when faced with adversity.

#25. Pay Yourself First

Contrary to popular belief, self-made millionaires live in average neighborhoods, in average houses, and drive average cars. They save and invest their money wisely.

Start saving and investing, today, at least 10 percent of your income. Practice frugality in all things and pay attention to where every penny is going. Many people believe that the key to financial independence is earning more money.

The fact is, expenses rise to meet income.

When your income increases, you find yourself upgrading your life; moving to a bigger house, buying a bigger, fancier car… even though your income is increasing, you have nothing left to save and you might find yourself getting more and more in debt.

#26. Develop Habits Of Self-Made Millionaires

Below is a list of habits, most millionaires have in common:

1. They’re Avid Readers

Learning is the best investment of your time. One of the reasons people become millionaires is because they’re avid readers. They make time for reading and learning and consider it as a priority.

Bill Gates has been known to read 50 books per year.

2. They’re Focused On Delayed Gratification

Millionaires understand that in order to reach wealth, they have to sacrifice temporary pleasures for the long-term gratification that comes with success.

They have no problem turning down invitations, wearing inexpensive clothes, or living in a modest neighborhood. This allows them to focus on achieving their goals and saving for the next investment.

3. They Set Goals

Setting goals is the way to success and accumulation of wealth. By setting goals, you define your future and you work your way backward taking in mind all it takes for you to get there.

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4. They Stay Away From Debt

Most millionaires, especially self-made millionaires have accumulated wealth because they constantly are living below their means.

They realize that interests accumulate so fast so they make sure they stay away from debt and if they even wanted to buy something, they save for it.

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5. They Set A Budget

Millionaires keep track of their finances and set budgets. This enables them to manage their money efficiently, so they can optimize their expenses and get rid of money wasters.

6. They Give

It seems like the more you give, the richer you become. Millionaires are so generous, whether it’s giving away to charity, supporting causes, or just taking care of family and friends, millionaires realize that the most important thing to do with their wealth is to help others.

#27. Do It Now!

Successful people of every field of endeavor are action-oriented.

They have a sense of urgency in their work. In fact, everyone is impatient today. People are always seeking for the fastest services. This is why when you move faster, you gain a competitive edge.

The faster you move, the more energy you have and the more experiences you get. This allows you to learn faster and improve faster.

Remember that you become what you think about most of the time. If you want to become successful, you’ll need to think like successful people do. Start thinking and talking more about what you want and how to get it.

Always look for solutions to every problem you encounter and make sure you learn and develop yourself every day.


Your mind does not remain empty for a long period of time. If you do not deliberately fill it with positive thoughts, it’ll fill itself with fears and worries.

Your potential and abilities are unlimited. There are virtually no limits on what you can do, be, and have except for the limit that you put for yourself with your own way of thinking.

At the same time, you can reprogram yourself and change your self-limiting beliefs and alter the course of your life. You can become the best version of yourself by shaping your own self-concept and building your self-esteem.

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