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Mental Health Worksheets

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Therapy Worksheets

You’re already stuck with yourself for a lifetime. Why not improve this relationship?

– Vironika Tugaleva

Connect With & Learn to Love Yourself

self love worksheets

Self-Love Worksheets

Increase Your Awareness Worksheets

Self-Care Worksheets

Body Image Worksheets

Manage Your Emotions

Emotions Worksheets

Emotions Worksheets

The Highly Sensitive Person Worksheets

The HSP Worksheets

Overcome Shame Worksheets (1)

Overcome Shame Worksheets

manage your anger worksheets

Manage Your Anger Worksheets

Overcome Avoidance Worksheets

Overcome Loneliness Worksheets (1)

Overcome Loneliness Worksheets

Forgiveness Worksheets

Forgiveness Worksheets

Emotional Eating Recovery Worksheets

Heal Codependency Issues

Codependency Worksheets

Codependency Worksheets

STOP people pleasing Worksheets

STOP People-Pleasing Worksheets

Overcome Perfectionism and procrastination worksheets

Overcome Perfectionism & Procrastination Worksheets

Imposter Syndrome Worksheets

Imposter Syndrome Workheets

boost self-esteem worksheets

Boost Self-Esteem Worksheets

Assertiveness Worksheets (2)

Assertiveness Worksheets

confidence worksheets

Build Confidence Worksheets

Negative Thoughts Worksheets (2)

Negative Thoughts Worksheets

Self Sabotage Worksheets

Self-Sabotage Worksheets

Positive Self-Talk Worksheets

Positive Self-Talk Worksheets

Self-Compassion Worksheets (1)

Self-Compassion Worksheets


200 Thought-Provoking Journaling Prompts

Gratitude Worksheets

Gratitude Worksheets

Overcome Anxiety

Manage Your Anxiety Worksheets

Worry & Rumination Worksheets

Worry & Rumination Worksheets

Social Anxiety Worksheets (1)

Social Anxiety Worksheets

panic attacks worksheets (1)

Overcome Panic Attacks Worksheets

Heal Your Past Wounds

Mother Wounds Journaling Prompts

Healing The Father Wound Worksheets

Healing The Father Wound Worksheets

Healing Trauma Worksheets

Healing Trauma Worksheets

ACEs Worksheets

ACEs Worksheets

Abuse Recovery

Emotional Abuse Recovery Worksheets

Emotional Abuse Recovery Worksheets

Verbal Abuse Recovery Worksheets

Verbal Abuse Recovery Worksheets

Gaslighting Recovery Worksheets

Gaslighting Recovery Worksheets

Manage Stress

Stress Relief Worksheets

Workplace Mental Health worksheets

Workplace Mental Health Worksheets

Compassion Fatigue Worksheets

Compassion Fatigue Worksheets

Nightmares and Sleep Worksheets

Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors Workheets

Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors Worksheets

Embracing Change Worksheets

Embracing Change Worksheets

Self-Harm Worksheets

Stop Self-Harm Worksheets

Break Addiction

Addiction Recovery Worksheets (1)

Addiction Recovery Worksheets

Overcome Technology Addiction Worksheets

Come out of denial Worksheets (2)

Come out of Denial Worksheets

Relapse Prevention Plan

Relapse Prevention Plan

Relationships Worksheets

Attract Your Ideal Lover Worksheets

Attract Your Ideal Lover Worksheets

Increase Emotional Intimacy Worksheets (1)

Increase Emotional Intimacy Worksheets

Secure Attachment Worksheets

Secure Attachment Worksheets

200 Thought-Provoking Questions for Couples

200 Thought-Provoking Questions for Couples

cure jealousy worksheets

Cure Jealousy Worksheets

toxic relationships worksheets

Toxic Relationships Worksheets

Breakup Recovery Worksheets

Breakup Recovery Worksheets

Boost Your Mood

Postpartum Depression Worksheet

Postpartum Depression Worksheets

Grief Worksheets

Manage Depression Worksheets

Starting Therapy Workheets

Starting Therapy Worksheets

Trust Badges Trust Badges


I wanted to write to you to tell you how much clarity I have received from your prompts in the journals. I bought the toxic relationship and break up recovery ones and I will forever recommend them to others.

Thank you so much for the gift you share in the world to help others’ heal. 💕


-recovering from divorce and a 3 year toxic relationship right after that.


Why Use Worksheets?

For many reasons!

Transferring your thoughts and emotions out onto paper helps lighten your heartache and relieve your mind and body of the heavy burden you may carry.

These worksheets will help you reflect, give you space to express yourself, and provide clarity into how you want to navigate through your issues from thereon.


These worksheets are perfect for anyone who needs an affordable, yet effective strategies to help them increase their self-awareness and work on their own issues – alone or with their therapist.

These worksheets are not a one-size-fits-all approach and are in no way meant to imply that change is as one-dimensional as a worksheet.

So choose the techniques and suggestions that apply to you and tailor the exercises in ways that will be helpful to you.


You will receive a digital PDF copy that you can print out and fill in straight from your computer or phone. With your phone, apps like XoDo or GoodNotes allow you to “write” inside the PDF!


Immediately! You will have access to the files you’ve purchased. An automatic email receipt is sent which includes the link to your download page where you can instantly download the files you’ve purchased.


Due to the nature of the products, all sales are final. However, I am confident that these worksheets will provide the strategies you need to get started.

When You Should See a Therapist

These worksheets are designed to help you better understand yourself, your distress, and your difficulties. You can use it in conjunction with therapy or as a stand-alone guide to manage your distress.

These worksheets can be considered a low-intensity intervention. They’re perfect for those who are struggling with mild to moderate issues.

In mental health, mild to moderate symptoms are those that are severe enough to be distressing to you, but moderate enough that you can still manage most of your daily activities.

If you feel very overwhelmed by any of the exercises in these worksheets, this might be a sign that your symptoms are too severe for you to do the work by yourself.

A therapist will help you at your own pace and provide support and encouragement throughout the process.

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Disclaimer: These mental health worksheets are designed to support. They do not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice, and do not replace, therapy or medical treatment. To find a mental health care provider near you, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357). If you feel suicidal, please check out this list of hotlines.

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