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I’m a psychology student, passionate about everything mental health.

If you’re looking for tools and techniques to improve your mental health, ideas on personal growth and self-care, and relationships tips, you’ve come to the right place!

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Personal Growth


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Simple Living

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Natural Living: The Beginner Guide to Non-Toxic Living

How to Save the Planet? (15 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Protect the Earth)

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Self-Loathing: How to Stop Self-Hatred and Start Loving Yourself?

Raising low self-esteem: 18 Ways to Build High Self-Esteem

21 Days to Grow in Self-Love

6 Simple Ways to Manage Difficult Emotions and Control Them


10 Powerful Techniques To Control Your Negative Thoughts

10 CBT Exercises For Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Panic Disorder: 7 Steps to Overcome Panic Attacks


Are You Secretly Depressed? (3 Ways to Overcome Hidden Depression)

How to Heal Depression Without Medication? (10 Natural Depression Treatments)

Overcoming Grief: 3 Ways to Cope With The Loss of Your Loved One

Dealing With Grief and Loss 10 Lessons You Learn From Grief


Overcoming Addiction: How to Get Any Kind of Addiction Under Control for Good?

Emotional Sobriety: 3 Ways to Move on After Addiction

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD

PTSD Guide: How to Heal Emotional and Psychological Trauma?

Healing The Fragmented Self: 8 Ways to Deal With Childhood Trauma Splitting

How To Let Go Of Shame After Trauma?

4 Way to Use Mindfulness Safely to Heal from Trauma

10 Signs You Were Shamed In Childhood

30 Signs You Were Emotionally Abused and How to Overcome Emotional Abuse

Borderline Personality Disorder BPD

10 Signs You Are Emotionally Sensitive — And What To Do To Manage It

Living With Borderline Personality Disorder: How To Lead A Satisfying, Fulfilling Life

4 Things You Need to Know When Dating Someone With BPD


ADHD In Children: 21 Way to Deal With ADHD without medication

Living Well With ADHD: 38 ADHD Self-Help Strategies for Adults

Autism Spectrum

Autism Awareness: Symptoms of Autism in Girls to Look Out For

Autism Survival Guide: Top Self-Help Strategies For Autistic Adults


Identify and Understand The Narcissist: 10 Traits of a Narcissist and How to Deal With Them

25 Signs You Are Dating a Psychopath (And How to Heal From Psychopathic Abuse)

Recovering From a Narcissistic Relationship: 21 Steps to Heal After a Narcissistic Relationship

Healing From a Narcissistic Parent: 7 Ways to Heal After Surviving a Narcissistic Parent

Living With a Narcissistic Parent: How to Cope With Your Narcissistic Parent?

Healing The Mother Wounds: 9 Powerful Ways To Heal Your Inner Child

Healing From A Codependent Relationship: 4 Ways to Conquer Codependency

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