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Top 7 Anticipatory Grief Quotes

Anticipatory Grief Quotes

This post contains some of the best anticipatory grief quotes.

What Is Anticipatory Grief?

Anticipatory grief, also referred to as anticipatory loss or preparatory grief, is the feeling that we experience in the days, months or even years before an impending loss.

Situations that may provoke anticipatory grief include, end-of-life care, diagnosis or progression of a degenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or Parkinson’s disease, cancer risk, leaving home for college, leaving a job or relationship, etc.

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Anticipatory Grief Quotes

1. “Anticipatory grief is like being in a small sailboat in a storm at sea. The turbulence and unpredictability would have to be dealt with, since they were not in my control. I could pretend perhaps for short periods of time that I was not in a storm, but reality kept intruding. Practical advice would keep me afloat. If I could accept all my feelings, take care of myself, manage my time commitments, let others help, I would survive. I did not doubt that. But what direction was I supposed to be trying to sail in when I had the choice? I knew I could not just drop anchor and wait out the storm; for better or for worse, that was not my style. Was I supposed to be readying myself for relinquishment? And of what? Surely of Mother’s earthly presence and all the things I associated with that. But would I have to give up everything? Was decathexis really the goal?” – Donna S. Davenport

2. ““anticipatory” is a misnomer: we are grieving not just the anticipated future death, but also losses that have already occurred in the past and are occurring in the present.” – Donna S. Davenport

3. “Saying that I was experiencing “anticipatory grief” would not have come close to capturing all the nuances and struggles, unique for me, as it is for everyone.” – Donna S. Davenport

4. “Knowing ahead of time before someone dies does not necessarily mean that anticipatory grief is taking place: some people keep the implications of an impending death at such a distance that they feel few specific emotions.” – Donna S. Davenport

5. “Caregiving is not the same as anticipatory grief, although writers often confuse the processes.” – Donna S. Davenport

6. “For those struggling with grief, there’s no timetable. It can last months, years, or longer. There is no rush. Give yourself permission to take however long it may be to fully heal from your loss.” ― Dana Arcuri

7. “Understand there’s no right or wrong way to grieve, including anticipatory grief. It’s like the ocean. It ebbs and it flows. There can be moments of calm. But out of nowhere, it can feel like you’re drowning.” ― Dana Arcuri

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