Autism Free Resources


While only a medical professional can accurately give a diagnosis, the internet has made it easy to take online screenings that can help give you a better idea of whether or not you have Autism.

Autism Online Resources

They include national organizations, parent-written blogs, resources for siblings, etc.

Autism Speaks — the site has research, family services, and advocacy.

Autism Society — resources on living with autism, the latest research, and opportunities for involvement.

Autism Consortium — includes information on the latest scientific developments and a famous annual research symposium.

Autism Women’s Network — site geared specifically for women, includes real-life blogs.

Dads 4 Special Kids — for fathers who are raising kids with special needs, includes Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Plan for families.

Sibling Support Project — includes resources, activities, games, and support groups for siblings of kids with special needs.

AutismWeb – the site offers training methods, special diets, and books on how to care for a child with autism.

Autism Now — the site provides information to help people with autism transition into the classroom, into the workforce, and into the community.

Financial Aid for Disabled Students — provides information and listings for scholarships and grants for students with disabilities.

Jobs for Autism — lists job resources for young adults with autism, and includes information on applying and independent living.

Train 4 Autism — helps organize groups of people who want to raise awareness for autism by participating in marathons, 5Ks, and other sporting events.

Autism Adventure Travel — it’s a travel service that helps to plan vacations for special needs families.

eSpecialMatch — a social media network (similar to Facebook), where families and people with special needs can connect with organizations, professionals, and each other.

Special Kids Photography of America – the site includes a directory of photographers who are specially trained to work with children with special needs.

The Third Glance – a blog where a young female PhD student, who also happens to have autism, shares her life, how she interacts with other students, and how she lives independently.

First Signs — a site that links parents to research universities doing autism-related studies and looking for participants.


How Autism Freed Me: Rosie King

What We Know (and What We Don’t Know Yet): Wendy Chung

What I’ve Learned From My Autistic Brothers : Faith Jegede

The World Needs All Kinds of Minds: Temple Grandin

A Word Game To Communicate In Any Language: Ajit Narayanan


Psychology Today: A directory that helps you sort treatment providers by specialty, insurance, and location.

Counselling Directory – A UK directory connecting you to local counsellors and psychotherapists.

7 Cups Of Tea – an online service with thousands of volunteer listeners stepping up to lend a friendly ear. an online-therapy service that offers weekly live therapy sessions (chat, phone, and/or video sessions) with your personal licensed and certified therapist along with other resources based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – one of the most commonly used psychotherapeutic approaches for treating mental health problems. (Starting from $31,96/wk)

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