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Top 9 Betrayal At Workplace Quotes

Betrayal At Workplace Quotes

This post contains some of the best betrayal at workplace quotes.

Betrayal At Workplace Quotes

1. “The modern workplace is filled with coworkers, who now have direct, unfettered access to you at all hours of the day thanks to the magic of smartphones and direct messaging.” – Ken Kupchik

2. “The people you work with have the potential to make your professional life miserable or to make it really miserable, and all of it will depend on how well you manage to get along.” – Ken Kupchik

3. “Play your cards right, and your coworkers will have your back. But make a mistake, and you’ll have to look over your shoulder, as your workmates will be angling to take you down.” – Ken Kupchik

4. “Somebody might start off being your friend, then later become an enemy, before teaming back up with you to help take down somebody you both despise—it’s all quite Machiavellian.” – Ken Kupchik

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5. “Boundaries can help protect us from being exploited, but they can also help put distance between ourselves and our less trustworthy coworkers.” – Ken Kupchik

6. “The relationships you develop at work can be impactful, but there are many ways in which they will differ from relationships in your personal life. Since the workplace has so many rules, both spoken and non, it’s important to set and follow boundaries, lest you find yourself stuck in an unpleasant situation from which you can’t escape.” – Ken Kupchik

7. “If you are having some problems with a mean girl, you may not yet have the associated stress symptoms. However, if the situation continues unabated, your stress response may rise. Eventually, you’ll find that stress is affecting your health and well-being.” – Meredith Fuller

8. “A mean girl at work can spoil career enjoyment and satisfaction.” – Meredith Fuller

9. “Human behavior isn’t neat and tidy. It’s often messy and hard to interpret and understand, let alone work with, and it cannot be easily categorized by applying hard-and-fast rules. But we all know what bossy means, and what control freaks are like—we recognize the way they act toward other people.” – Meredith Fuller

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