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Childhood Emotional Neglect Test: Was I Neglected As A Child?

Childhood Emotional Neglect Test

This post contains childhood emotional neglect test.

What Is Childhood Emotional Neglect?

Childhood emotional neglect is a type of emotional abuse that often goes unrecognized.

This form of abuse is so subtle because it’s about something that didn’t happen.

Yet the effect of emotional neglect can be devastating, carrying over to one’s adult life.

Childhood Emotional Neglect Test: Was I Neglected As A Child?


#1. Do you pride yourself on being independent and not relying upon others?

#2. Do you often find it difficult to ask for help?

#3. Do you tend to isolate yourself from others?

#4. Do you often feel like you don’t belong when you’re with your family or friends?

#5. Do you often feel uncomfortable in social situations?

#6. Do your friends or family complain that you are distant or aloof?

#7. Do you tend to judge yourself more harshly than you judge others?

#8. Do you often feel unhappy for no apparent reason?

#9. Do you have trouble naming your feelings in general?

#10. Do you have trouble calming yourself?

#11. Do you often feel there’s something wrong with you?

#12. Do you often feel empty inside?


This quiz is for informational purposes only. It is not meant as a diagnostic or assessment tool.


The questions above represent common signs of childhood emotional neglect effects. If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you might be a survivor of childhood emotional neglect.

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The Lingering Harm of Childhood Emotional Neglect

Studies show that emotional neglect can have devastating consequences.

Children who were emotionally neglected are more likely to experience developmental delay, hyperactivity, aggression, depression, low self-esteem, substance abuse, and other emotional disorders.

Children who were emotionally neglected may become people pleasers or misbehave to get the attention they crave. (source)

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  • Portions of this article were adapted from the book Running on Empty, © 2012 by Jonice Webb. All rights reserved.