60 Little Things That Make Life Happy

Sometimes, it’s easier to focus on the things that aren’t working, rather than the ones that are working.

It’s important to take time out and notice all the things that make life happy.

This article contains 60 things that make life happy I hope it inspires you to start enjoying your life more.

60 Little Things That Make Life Happy

1.      Finding love.

2.      People who love you when you’re born and as long as you live.

3.      Loving your family.

4.      Having said everything you need to say to them before they pass on to the next world.

5.      Having a friend you stay friends with forever.

60 Little Things That Make Life Happy

6.      Being touched by the smallest gestures of friendship.

7.      Taking picture of the things you love and no one deletes them by mistake.

8.      Learning something about yourself or about someone else, when you’re hurt by love.

9.      Forgiving and being forgiven.

10.    Being brave enough to be what you need to be, when you need to be it.

11.    Working hard at making yourself who you want to be.

12.    Waking up, looking in the mirror, and liking the person who is looking back at you.

60 Little Things That Make Life Happy

13.    Not considering caring for yourself indulgent.

14.    Being kind and gentle with yourself.

15.    Singing to yourself softly sometimes.

16.    Always feeling young.

17.    Having someone laugh at your jokes, even if it’s you.

18.    Taking short breaks between things.

60 Little Things That Make Life Happy

19.    Being touched by the softest, gentlest hands.

20.    Learning everything you need to learn before what you don’t learn, hurts you.

21.    Discovering that love is both a feeling and an action.

22.    Drinking enough coffee to get you out of bed but not so much that you can’t find your way back there.

23.    Knowing that dreaming a dream is not the same as making something happen.

24.    Having the courage to do things for the first time.

25.    Not waiting too long to do them.

26.    Having the energy and the drive to keep doing things until you succeed.

27.    Knowing there’s no overnight success.

28.    Learning the difference between the easy thing, the hard thing, the smart thing and the right thing.

29.    Having the strength to make something difficult seem easy.

30.    Being proud of every difficult thing you do.

60 Little Things That Make Life Happy

31.    Being determined when you need to be, in the little moments of life that make it easy to give up.

32.    Being determined when you need to be, in the little moments of life that make it easy to give up.

33.    Earning all the trust you’re given.

34.    Never having a sleepless night.

35.    Never having a doctor looking at you and saying “It’s not good”.

36.    Never hating anything longer than you need to.

37.    Discovering what it’s like to lose an argument and being okay with it.

38.    Forgetting every embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you.

60 Little Things That Make Life Happy

39.    Seeing something everyone’s seen a million times, and you see something different.

40.    Learning the difference between someone in a bad mood and a negative influence on your life.

41.    Having the courage and strength of spirit to recognise when someone else is right.

42.    Constantly searching the world for more but you’re always satisfied with what you have.

43.    Learning to balance what you need and what you want.

44.    Finding something to do that moves you gracefully through each day.

45.    Finding beautiful things in simple things.

46.    Being near a window when it rains.

60 Little Things That Make Life Happy

47.    Never struggling to find a toothpick when you need one.

48.    Not getting angry enough to be stupid or stupid enough to be angry.

49.    Your phone ringing and it’s someone you desperately want to hear from.

50.    Thinking of something really funny to say, and saying it.

51.    Having someone by your side when you cry.

52.    Having the courage to stay next to someone when they cry.

53.    Discovering the freedom that exists beyond despair, when you realize how little everything matters.

54.    Finding time to sit in a bay window and reading.

60 Little Things That Make Life Happy

55.    Overhearing a conversation about yourself and everything they say is good.

56.    Saying kind things about yourself in your head.

57.    Always remembering a jacket when it’s cold.

58.    Looking at the start, and one shoots.

59.    Spending the day in a rowboat and at night when you’re falling asleep, having the sensation of floating.

60.    Discovering how much more there is to being happy.

60 Little Things That Make Life Happy
Don’t postpone joy until you have learned all of your lessons. Joy is your lesson. Alan Cohen

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60 Little Things That Make Life Happy

Portions of this article were adapted from the book 300 Things I Hope, © 2016 by Iain S. Thomas. All rights reserved.

300 Things I Hope by Iain S. Thomas

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