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Best +35 People Pleaser Quotes To Help You Let Go Of People Pleasing

people pleaser quotes

Who Is The People Pleaser

A people pleaser is someone tries so hard to make other people happy.

They would go out of their way to please someone. This often includes “editing” words and behaviors for the sake of another person’s approval.

This eventually leads to burnout and feelings of resentment and unfulfillment.

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People Pleaser Quotes

1. “You get what you tolerate.” – Henry Cloud

2. “No is a complete sentence.” – Anne Lamont

3. “I set boundaries not to offend you but to respect myself.” – Unknown

4. “People only treat you one way…the way you allow them to.” – Unknown

5. “You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep others warm.” – Unknown

6. “People will learn to show up for you, the way you show up for you.” – Unknown

7. “Givers need to set limits because takers rarely do.” – Rachel Wolchin

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8. “You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say NO to people.” – Unknown

9. “Boundaries are to protect life, not to limit pleasures.” – Edwin Louis Cole

10. “Stop asking why they keep doing it and start asking why you keep allowing it.” – Unknown

11. “Individuals set boundaries to feel safe, respected, and heard.” – Pamela Cummins

12. “Each time you set a healthy boundary, you say ‘yes’ to more freedom.” – Nancy Levin

13. “Walls keep everybody out. Boundaries teach them where the door is.” – Mark Groves

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14. “Being able to say “No” is a necessary ingredient in a healthy lifestyle.” – David W. Earle

15. “When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you’re not saying ‘no’ to yourself.” – Paul Coelho

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16. “Boundaries need to be communicated first verbally and then with actions.” – Henry Cloud

17. “Boundaries are a part of self-care. They are healthy, normal, and necessary.” – Doreen Virtue

18. “Boundary setting helps you prioritize your needs over other people’s wants.” – Lauren Kenson

19. “Honoring your own boundaries is the clearest message to others to honor them, too.” – Gina Greenlee

20. “It is necessary, and even vital, to set standards for your life and the people you allow in it.” – Mandy Hale

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People Pleaser Quotes (2)

21. “A boundary is not that at which something stops, but that from which something begins.” – Martin Heidegger

22. “When someone oversteps your boundaries, they’re letting you know that what you want doesn’t matter.” – Phil Good

23. “The only people who get upset about you setting boundaries are the ones who were benefiting from you having none.” – Unknown

24. “Setting boundaries is a positive, healthy necessity in one’s life which will empower and raise confidence in oneself.” – Unknown

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25. “Boundaries: If someone throws a fit because you set boundaries, it’s just more evidence the boundary is needed.” – Unknown

26. “Your personal boundaries alert you to abuse and remind you to follow through with your plan to protect yourself.” – Unknown

27. “Saying NO can be the most empowering word if you struggle with codependency, abusive relationships or low self-esteem.” – Unknown

28. “The first thing you need to learn is that the person who is angry at you for setting boundaries is the one with the problem.” – Unknown

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29. “You are allowed to set boundaries. You are allowed to wave bye-bye to anyone who doesn’t respect them without apology.” – Unknown

30. “Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others.” – Brene Brown

31. “If someone gets mad at you for creating a boundary, consider that a good sign that the boundary was necessary.” – Jenna Korf

32. “You don’t set boundaries to offend or please others. You do it to manage the priorities and goals set for yourself and for your life.” – Unknown

33. “Setting boundaries is your responsibility. People will continue to do what you allow. You get to decide what is and what isn’t allowed in your life.” – Unknown

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34. “You have to set limits for your own wellness. Even though you may say no to someone doesn’t mean it’s about them. You need to take care of yourself as well.” – Unknown

People Pleaser Quotes (2)

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35. “Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious and you get to decide how you use them. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.” – Anna Taylor

36. “Boundaries define us. They define what is me and what is not me. A boundary shows me where I end and someone else begins, leading me to a sense of ownership. Knowing what I am to own and take responsibility for gives me freedom.” – Henry Cloud

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People Pleaser Quotes (2)


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