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Top 25 Quotes About Connecting

Quotes About Connecting

This post contains some of the best quotes about connecting.

Quotes About Connecting

1. “I see so many people today going about connection all wrong. Most people are so busy working for people that they fail to work with them, developing positive relationships through a thousand small touchpoints.” – Susan McPherson

2. “People do business with people. And when you make a genuine connection, it sparks learning and knowledge sharing, reduces burnout, spurs innovation, and creates a sense of purpose and well-being, too.” – Susan McPherson

3. “It’s clear that the art of connecting is indeed lost. We’re talking, Zooming, Tweeting, and texting, but we’re not feeling a sense of connection.” – Susan McPherson

4. “Any meaningful relationship starts with you—your vulnerable, real self. And therein lies the reason depth escapes us: we have to be flawed, we have to be real, we have to be human. What we want to be is perfect, successful, flawless—especially at work! But that doesn’t inspire real connection.” – Susan McPherson

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5. “Once you get good at building meaningful connections, you can facilitate them for others as well, amplifying the effect. The truth is that whether or not a connection is meaningful honestly has very little to do with the other person. Feeling lonely, isolated, or disconnected is an inside job.” – Susan McPherson

6. “Connection is determined by how it feels to you.” – Susan McPherson

7. “The most magic in our relationships happens when we truly see and are seen by the people we’re connecting with.” – Susan McPherson

8. “A lot of people think about connecting. But few act on it. Especially today.” – Susan McPherson

9. “The next time you find yourself canceling a connection because that person feels out of reach or you don’t want to “put them out,” pause to consider whether the real obstacle might be fear. Fear of rejection, fear of closeness, fear of failure, or even just fear of feeling awkward.” – Susan McPherson

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10. “A new connection can lead to a new partner, a new colleague, or an innovative idea. It could even lead to an entire new community of people to broaden your knowledge base, boost your creativity, and lead to something unexpected.” – Susan McPherson

11. “When you meet with someone, set a goal to understand their world and their circumstances, offer to help them with something they need, or invite them to something you both enjoy doing to foster a deeper connection that can help you in the future. It completely levels the playing field and makes everyone far more comfortable and open.” – Susan McPherson

12. “Connect with them on a human level: Where are they from? What is their family, heritage, or culture like? Knowing those details creates meaningful conversation. It creates the threads from which the ties of connection can be made.” – Susan McPherson

13. “Connecting as humans sounds like such straightforward advice to the point of being absurdly obvious—but research shows that this is a skill we’ve forgotten.” – Susan McPherson

15. “My mother knew inherently that connection with other people feeds the soul, and science backs this up—there is a plethora of research now that shows the role that dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and other “feel-good chemicals” in the brain are connected to positive social interaction.” – Susan McPherson

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16. “Your local network is four, right? Wrong. For each of those four people you’ve made a connection with, you’re now connected to their friends (your second-degree network), and their friends (your third-degree network), and their friends (your fourth-degree network).” – Susan McPherson

17. “Plus, when you’re on the receiving end of a connection, it gives you a positive feeling. Making a connection requires noticing, and paying attention. And when your manager pays attention to you and sees you, it feels good.” – Susan McPherson

18. “Instead of being a follower, waiting for permission, you become a leader: hosting, connecting, and building relationships, one gathering or call at a time.” – Susan McPherson

19. “Your connections come when you do work you love, and you have that spark in you and someone else sees it.” Connecting doesn’t need to be forced, stressful, or overdone.” – Susan McPherson

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20. “Everyone is different, in connecting and in life. Some people, like me, thrive on other people and social connections. But others, like Aarons-Mele, don’t emotionally need the connections as much— though it can still be a good idea to stay connected.” – Susan McPherson

21. “Connections will unfold organically with hardly any effort on your part. All it takes is two committed people to quickly build to four people. Then the next time you meet, ask each of those four to bring a colleague—and voila you already have eight people.” – Susan McPherson

22. “Start by just building a genuine connection with the people around you—no matter their background or experience.”– Susan McPherson

23.“When employees work together in a volunteering capacity, it softens the blow of isolation and provides a dopamine rush from helping and connecting.”– Susan McPherson

24. “Research has also shown that the more connections and touch points a relationship has, the deeper and more meaningful it will be.”– Susan McPherson

25. “To need connection is human. But to get it—that is the key to life.” – Susan McPherson

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