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Top 25 Quotes About Feeling Safe And Secure

Quotes About Feeling Safe And Secure

This post contains some of the best quotes about feeling safe and secure.

Quotes About Feeling Safe And Secure

1. “Personal boundaries are the guidelines that we use in our relationships to help us define safe and comfortable ways of interacting with others. They help us define where we stop and others begin and help us protect and take care of ourselves.”— Theresa Comito

2. “Any time you open yourself to another person for a relationship, make sure you choose a person with whom you can feel safe and comfortable.”— Gregory L. Jantz

3. “Safe People will also help you look inside yourself. You will find your blind spots and vulnerabilities and understand why you are easy prey to manipulative people, or susceptible to controlling individuals.”— Henry Cloud & John Townsend

4. “A safety plan is a personalized and practical plan that includes ways to remain safe while in a relationship, when planning to leave the relationship, or after you leave the relationship.”— Theresa Comito

5. “We all have experiences, thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that we don’t feel safe telling the world. We need someone in whom to confide.”— Henry Cloud & John Townsend

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6. “You need to reclaim the right to make your own decisions, even if they differ from the decisions of others. Remind yourself daily that you are an intelligent, responsible individual who has the capacity to direct the course of your own life. If you feel the need to gain wisdom and guidance in finding your true self, seek out a trusted friend or, if you are able, a trained professional. Only choose a person you feel safe with!”— Gregory L. Jantz

7. “In real life, the bad guys aren’t that easy to pick out. Unsafe people are particularly difficult to spot. Quite often, unsafe people appear winsome and promising, and their character problems are often subtle.”— Henry Cloud & John Townsend

8. “While there are many different kinds of unsafe people, many of them fall under three categories: the abandoners, the critics, and the irresponsibles.”—Henry Cloud & John Townsend

9. “Safe people take responsibility for their lives. Unsafe people don’t.”—Henry Cloud & John Townsend

10. “In a relationship, honesty is the bedrock foundation of a safe relationship.”—Henry Cloud & John Townsend

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11. “To become a safe person, you need to practice these six steps over and over again: ask for help, learn to need, work through resis-tances, invite the truth about yourself, enter into forgiveness, and give something back.”—Henry Cloud & John Townsend

12. “The difference between safe and unsafe “liars” is that safe people own their lies and see them as a problem to change as they become aware of their deception.”—Henry Cloud & John Townsend

13. “Safe people know that they are subject to change. They want to mature and grow over time. But unsafe people do not see their own problems; they are rigidly fixed and not subject to growth.”—Henry Cloud & John Townsend

14. “Secrets don’t get well without relationship. We’re all looking for safe relationships where someone knows all of our parts.”—Henry Cloud & John Townsend

15. “A safe person will hold confidences. He will not use your secrets for his own needs.”—Henry Cloud & John Townsend

16. “If unsafe people are self-centered, safe people are relationship-centered. And that priority shows itself in the all-important action of empathy.”—Henry Cloud & John Townsend

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17. “The first time we get hurt by an unsafe person—or even a reasonably safe one—there is always a period of surprise as we begin the painful adjustment to the realities of unsafety. We begin grieving our wishes for a perfectly safe, dependable world.”—Henry Cloud & John Townsend

18. “In safe relationships, empathy is a large part of the equation. We literally “enter the other person’s head” and attempt to understand how he feels, what he believes, and how he thinks. Empathy is walking in the moccasins of another person, and not judging him until we can see what suffering he’s been through to get to the point he’s at.”—Henry Cloud & John Townsend

19. “We can’t stay in the empathic position permanently, because we could lose ourselves. But empathy is what makes a relationship real—and safe.”—Henry Cloud & John Townsend

20. “If you want to know how safe someone is, ask yourself: Is this person with me for him—or for us?”—Henry Cloud & John Townsend

21. “If we’re all taking our needs to safe people, and those safe people are taking their needs to us, love is created.”—Henry Cloud & John Townsend

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22. “Find safe people who can help you experience your needs without being hurt.” —Henry Cloud & John Townsend

23. “Unsafe people will move away from you or exploit your needs. Safe people have good boundaries and will stay connected to you, helping you reach out for the love you need. And, as you are nurtured by separate relationships, you will outgrow the need to constantly “swim in love.” Separateness will no longer feel like abandonment.” —Henry Cloud & John Townsend

24. “Many people think that safe relationships are relationships that just give grace without confrontation, but as we will see later, these relationships are ultimately destructive as well.” —Henry Cloud & John Townsend

25. “Reaching out for connection is work. It’s risky and humbling enough, even with safe people.” —Henry Cloud & John Townsend

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