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Am I Being Love Bombed Quiz (+FREE Toxic Relationship Worksheets)

Am I Being Love Bombed Quiz

What Is Love Bombing?

Love bombing is a pattern of intense interest and attention from one partner in order to manipulate and/or control the other using charm, romantic surprises, or jealousy.

Love bombing can be hard to spot because movies and fiction make us believe us that love bombing is normal and a sign of romantic love.

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The following quiz can help you see through the smokescreen and identify if you’re being love bombed:

Am I Being Love Bombed Quiz 


#1. Does your partner seem like an intense communicator (e.g., overwhelming you with texts, calls, DMs, and likes on social media)?

#2. Do they make you feel anxious when you spend time with others, demanding that you stay home, constantly checking in, or leaving you feeling so guilty that you’re having fun without them?

#3. Do they shower you with lavish gifts or romantic gestures, creating a sense of obligation to bond and lower your inhibitions quickly?

#4. Do they shower you with excessive praise and grandiose, overly indulgent compliments like, “You’re everything I’ve ever wanted!”?

#5. Do they seem excessively needy to the point of smothering you and crossing your boundaries and become withdrawn, angry, and even violent when not given what they want (e.g., they “demand” spending loads of time together, they “demand” sex when you’re not ready yet, etc.)?

#6. Does your relationship feels like it’s on fast forward (e.g., although you’re newly dating, you’ve moved in together, are engaged, talking about kids, they introduced you to important people, say “I love you” very fast, etc.)?

#7. Do they seem like they’re molding themselves to be who they think you want (i.e., always agreeing with everything you say, claiming to share same interests, etc.)?


Note: This test is not meant to act as a substitute for proper assessment.


The questions above represent common signs of love bombing. If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you might be love-bombed.

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FREE Toxic Relationship Worksheets

Am I Being Love Bombed Quiz