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Self Harm Addiction Quiz

Self Harm Addiction Quiz (+FREE Self-Harm Resources)

This post contains “Self Harm Addiction Quiz” along with resources to get help. What Is Self-Harm? Self-harm is something people do purposely to harm themselves physically, without intending to kill themselves. Some of the most common forms of self-harm include: cutting, burning, biting, punching or hitting oneself. Self-harm can also include scratching or picking at

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Emetophobia Quiz (Vomit Phobia)

Emetophobia Quiz (Vomit Phobia)

This post contains “Emetophobia Quiz” along with helpful tips on how to overcome emetophobia. What Is Emetophobia? Emetophobia is a fear of vomiting. It is estimated about 0.1% of the population have vomit phobia. (source) Emetophobia is a mental health condition that is classified as a specific phobia, which involves having a persistent, intense, and irrational fear

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