Anxiety Free Resources


UK Lines

Samaritans UK: Support for those experiencing emotional distress. Phone: 116 123 (free 24-hour helpline)

Mind UK: Provides views and needs of people with mental illness. Phone: 0300 123 3393 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm)

Anxiety UK: Support for people with Anxiety. Phone: 08444 775 774 (Mon-Fri, 9.30am-5.30pm)

No Panic UK: Support for people who suffer with panic attacks and OCD. Phone: 0844 967 4848 (daily, 10am-10pm)

OCD UK: Information and support for people with OCD. Phone: 0845 390 6232 (Mon-Fri, 9.30am-5pm)

International Lines

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Helpline: Information and support for people suffering with mental illness. Phone: 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) (Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST)

Crisis Text Line: Support and guidance via text message, for people with mental illness.  Text: “home” to 741741


Psychology Today: A directory that helps you sort treatment providers by specialty, insurance, and location.

Counselling Directory – A UK directory connecting you to local counsellors and psychotherapists.

7 Cups Of Tea – an online service with thousands of volunteer listeners stepping up to lend a friendly ear. an online-therapy service that offers weekly live therapy sessions (chat, phone, and/or video sessions) with your personal licensed and certified therapist along with other resources based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – one of the most commonly used psychotherapeutic approaches for treating mental health problems. (Starting from $31,96/wk)

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Progressive Relaxation

Download two progressive relaxation tapes from the Hobart and William Smith Colleges website.


Social Anxiety Support Forums – A forum community dedicated to people with social anxiety.


Moodfit (Android/iphone):  a free mental health app whose tools and insight are meant to “shape up” your mood. Moodfit also helps you learn new skills, like gratitude and mindfulness, in just a few minutes per day. 

MoodMission (Android/iphone): the app helps people dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression. It recommends “missions” based on how the user is feeling. These missions include:

  • Emotion-based activities like breathing exercises
  • Behavior-based activities like learning how to knit, crochet, or sew
  • Physical activities such as push-ups
  • Thought-based activities such as learning how to reframe negative thoughts

Headspace (Android/iphone): a meditation app that can help you learn how to live mindfully with a variety of themed sessions on everything from stress and sleep to focus and anxiety.

Happify (Android/iphone): a fun app that will keep you engaged while also boosting your mood. The games in the app are science-based activities meant to reduce stress, build resilience, and overcome negative thoughts. 

Shine (Android/iphone): a female-focused, self-care app that helps users “rest, heal and grow through difficulty.” It delivers motivational messages through text and audio. Shine also offers an inclusive community so you can connect with other members.

Breathwrk (iphone): The app presents a collection of breathing exercises based on your goal: falling asleep, feeling relaxed, feeling energized, and alleviating stress.

Dare — Break Free From Anxiety (Android/iphone): The app walks you through audio recordings to help you sit comfortably with your anxiety rather than avoiding it and making it worse. It gives you something to focus on while you breathe deeply, and other additional helpful content.

AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game (Android/iphone): The app include little, fun distractions like bubble wrap popping, fidget spinners, pen clicking, soap carving, and many more, to help take your mind off what’s making you anxious.

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis (Android): The app include science-backed tools and techniques meant to help soothe your anxiety, relieve stress, PTSD, and OCD.


Don’t Believe Everything You Think : Lauren Weinstein

3 Ways To Cope With Anxiety : Olivia Remes

How I Live With High-Functioning Anxiety : Jordan Raskopoulos

Be The Warrior Not The Worrier – Angela Ceberano

Breaking Free From Anxiety : Mel Schwartz

Getting Stuck In The Negatives (And How To Get Unstuck) : Alison Ledgerwood


Anxious in Austin (Apple, Podbean, and Google Play) hosted by Dr. Marianne Stout and Dr. Thomas Smithyman, Austin-based psychologist

Anxiety Slayer (Apple, Podbean, and hosted by Shann Vander Leek and Ananga Sivyer

The Calmer You Podcast with Chloe Brotheridge (Apple, PlayerFM and hosted by Chloe Brotheridge, a hypnotherapist, anxiety coach, and author.

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast with Gina Ryan (AppleStitcher and PlayerFM) hosted by Gina Ryan

Social Anxiety Solutions (Apple, StitcherPlayerFM and Podbean) hosted by Sebastiaan van der Schrier, a former social anxiety sufferer and a current social confidence coach

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Anxiety Free Resources