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Top 25 Conscious Parenting Quotes

Conscious Parenting Quotes

This post contains some of the best conscious parenting quotes.

Conscious Parenting Quotes

1. “None of us likes to think of ourselves as unconscious. On the contrary, it’s a concept we tend to balk at. So defensive are many of us that, let someone say a word about our parenting style, and we are instantly triggered. However, when we begin to be aware, we redesign the dynamic we share with our children.”— Shefali Tsabary

2. “Our children pay a heavy price when we lack consciousness. Overindulged, over-medicated, and over-labeled, many of them are unhappy. This is because, coming from unconsciousness ourselves, we bequeath to them our own unresolved needs, unmet expectations, and frustrated dreams.”—Shefali Tsabary

3. “Without a conscious parent there can be no conscious parenting! A conscious parent is able to maintain a certain level of awareness in their daily life, even though for most people lapses are bound to happen from time to time.”— Eckhart Tolle

4. “Conscious parenting isn’t about being lovey-dovey and touchyfeely all the time. When we parent consciously, we don’t give our children a green light to behave inappropriately, and neither do we automatically place their needs ahead of ours. To allow our children to behave as if they were wild, without regard for how this affects those around them, is to raise little monsters. Teaching our children how to appropriately contain their authenticity and manage their emotions is essential.”— Shefali Tsabary

5. “Although we might not become entirely free of ego, to parent consciously requires us to become increasingly aware of the influence of our ego.”—Shefali Tsabary

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6. “So the reasons for dysfunctional or unconscious parenting are twofold. On the one hand, there is the lack of knowledge or education concerning child rearing that strikes a sane balance between the old, excessively authoritarian approach and the contemporary, equally unbalanced one. On the other hand, and at a more fundamental level, there is the lack of presence or conscious awareness on the part of the parents.”— Eckhart Tolle

7. “Consciousness isn’t a magical quality bestowed on the few who are lucky. Rather than being dropped out of the sky, it’s a state that emerges as part of a process.”—Shefali Tsabary

8. “There’s nothing “permissive” about parenting consciously.”—Shefali Tsabary

9. “”—Shefali Tsabary

10. “The conscious approach to discipline is grounded in our ability to exercise real presence with our children.”—Shefali Tsabary

11. “A conscious parent doesn’t look outside the parenting relationship for answers, but is confident the answers can be found for both parent and child within the parent-child dynamic.”—Shefali Tsabary

12. “The heart of conscious parenting is the ability to be present in any situation that arises. Are you able to respond from a place of awareness rather than attachment? Do you discipline from a place of authenticity or from your ego?”—Shefali Tsabary

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13. “To be a conscious parent requires us to learn to respond to reality in a conscious manner rather than from blind impulse, using reason instead of reacting, and employing our active will in preference to coming from passive conditioning. It helps to realize that children, by their inherent nature, desire deep, lasting, authentic connection with us. If, then, our children have turned against or away from us, it means we haven’t met their emotional needs or taught them how to meet their own needs.”—Shefali Tsabary

14. “Conscious parenting encompasses all aspects of bringing up a child to be a well-rounded, balanced member of the human race.”—Shefali Tsabary

15. “Conscious parenting means that in our interactions with our children, we ask, “Am I dealing with my child in an aware manner or am I being triggered by my past?” The focus is always on us as parents, requiring us to look within and ask, “What am I bringing to this relationship in this moment that is mine to own and not my child’s to receive?””—Shefali Tsabary

16. “Becoming a conscious parent requires us to recognize how our unconsciousness, bequeathed to us by the collective unconsciousness, cripples our children.”—Shefali Tsabary

17. “If we are a conscious parent, we are patient and therefore in no hurry to impose every activity and piece of knowledge on our child. We recognize that childhood isn’t the time for the fruit to come to fruition, but the time to plant seed.”—Shefali Tsabary

18. “Since to give our complete presence is all that’s required to raise an emotionally healthy child, some parents might think this means they should be with their children almost all the time. On the contrary, a conscious parent may be extremely busy, and our children need to respect this.”—Shefali Tsabary

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19. “The premise behind conscious parenting is that our children are inherently well-meaning and want to do the right thing. However, in the course of a day, it’s inevitable a child will make a few mistakes either through omission or commission. If they are afraid of punishment, as already noted, they may then try to cover up their mistakes by lying.”—Shefali Tsabary

20. “The key to conscious parenting is to become aware of our ego, this persistent voice in our head, and its false ways. To parent well, it is imperative that we realize the ego isn’t who we are. Then, as we learn to identify its voice and its antics, we won’t blindly react to our children, which is what the ego wants us to do.”—Shefali Tsabary

21. “As much as conscious parenting is about listening to our children, honoring their essence, and being fully present with them, it’s also about boundaries and discipline. As parents, we are required to provide our children not only with the basics of shelter, food, and education, but also to teach them the value of structure, appropriate containment of their emotions, and such skills as reality testing.”—Shefali Tsabary

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22. “One of the typical reactions of parents who start on this path of conscious parenting is to look back at their errors and feel a sense of regret and guilt. I remind parents that this reaction, while understandable, is yet another ruse of the ego to create emotional paralysis and a disconnection from the present moment.” —Shefali Tsabary

23. “Because conscious parenting is concerned with the actual roots of our acting out—and I do mean our acting out as parents, not so much our children’s acting out—it avoids quick fixes and Band-Aids. Instead, we undergo transformation as moms and dads” —Shefali Tsabary

24. “Conscious parenting urges us to see our children’s reactions to us as a wake-up call to go within. Then, instead of acting out what we are feeling based on our past programming, thus taking it out on our children, we choose to contain our emotions and quietly reflect on what we are experiencing.” —Shefali Tsabary

25. “Conscious parenting is a game changer because it doesn’t try to change the child, just ourselves as parents.” —Shefali Tsabary

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