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Top 25 Deleting Social Media Quotes

Deleting Social Media Quotes

This post contains some of the best deleting social media quotes.

Deleting Social Media Quotes

1. “The ease with which we can go online exposes us to constant distraction. It allows us to feed our obsession for social media, news headlines, cat videos, and video games. It encourages us to randomly surf websites without direction or purpose.” – Damon Zahariades

2. “The bad news is that the obsession with social media is almost certainly producing unhealthy side effects. Scientists have discovered that constant exposure to websites like Facebook and Twitter can alter the brain, affecting the ability to process emotions. It can also lead to restlessness, negative selfimage, a decline in happiness, and in extreme cases, depression.” – Damon Zahariades

3. “The impulse to check social media is irrepressible. The urge to check your voicemail, seek out the latest news headlines, and visit your favorite blogs and forums is overwhelming.” – Damon Zahariades

4. “The more we engage online, the more our interpersonal skills deteriorate. The more we interact with our friends and loved ones through texts, emails, and social media, the more we dilute the real-world connections we share with them.” – Damon Zahariades

5. “The truth is that obsessively checking social media, e-mails, texts, and other virtual sites robs us of valuable me that could be used for our personal development and deepening our real-life relationships or forming new ones.” – Paula Durlofsky

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6. “There are many apps designed to either block notifications or block access to social media sites for a specific length of time. The problem is that you can override them. And given your obsession with technology, there’s a good chance you’ll do so.” – Damon Zahariades

7. “There’s no doubt that social media has replaced traditional ways of communicating and meeting other people to such a degree that it has altered our experiences of play, connecting, exploration, dang, and meeting new friends.” – Paula Durlofsky

8. “What you might be surprised to learn, however, is that passively consuming social media and other forms of technology, even when we’re feeling prey good about ourselves, can result in our feeling way more sad, anxious, grumpy, annoyed, and irritable than we did moments before we logged on!” – Paula Durlofsky

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9. “A digital detox will remind you of the important things in your life you’ve been sacrificing to feed your addiction.” – Damon Zahariades

10. “Ask yourself whether you feel comfortable in social settings. Can you have and enjoy an engaging conversation with another person? Are you able to form connections with people who are standing in front of you? If not, it’s time to set your phone down, turn off your computer, and put away your video game console. In short, it’s time for a digital detox.” – Damon Zahariades

11. “The key to controlling your addiction to technology is to curb your impulsiveness. That entails training your brain to self-regulate and ignore urges. A digital detox will prove valuable in that regard.” – Damon Zahariades

12. “Spending time away from your phone and other devices – that is, going through a digital detox – won’t eliminate feelings of low self-esteem. It’s not a cure-all. But it will remove one of the factors contributing to – and even encouraging – such negative feelings.” – Damon Zahariades

13. “If you have an addictive personality and have difficulty pulling yourself away from your phone and other devices, it’s time to go on a digital detox.” – Damon Zahariades

14. “Once you recognize the root causes of your addiction, you’ll find it easier to overcome it via a digital detox.” – Damon Zahariades

15. “A digital detox will help to eliminate the stress you’re feeling so you can regain control of your life.” – Damon Zahariades

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16. “There are numerous strategies for improving your focus. One is to unplug. If you’re struggling with an internet addiction, a phone addiction, or any other tech-related obsession, you need a digital detox.” – Damon Zahariades

17. “If you’re addicted to your phone, you probably don’t consider the constant distractions to be a problem. At least, not yet. That perspective will change once you go through a digital detox. You’ll notice a dramatic difference in your level of awareness in the absence of your gadgets.” – Damon Zahariades

18. “A digital detox is like a drug detox. Your brain craves the dopamine rush that results from your compulsive behavior. Once you cut off your access to technology, you’ll feel the pangs of withdrawal.” – Damon Zahariades

19. “If you want to break the habit, stop feeling overwhelmed, and regain control of your focus and productivity, you need to do a complete digital detox.” – Damon Zahariades

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20. “Going through a digital detox can be unpleasant – at least, in the beginning. You’ll crave your phone so you can check for new texts. You’ll covet your laptop so you retrieve your email. You’ll lust after your tablet so you can read the latest news headlines and log onto Facebook. And you’ll grow increasingly restless and agitated the longer you’re prevented from doing these things. These are symptoms of withdrawal.” – Damon Zahariades

21. “When you go on a digital detox, you break this cycle. You interrupt the behavioral patterns that have, until now, reinforced your addiction. The detox gives you an opportunity to “reset” your brain’s reward system.” – Damon Zahariades

22. “When you go through a digital detox, you’ll enjoy the same benefit. You’ll recoup the time you once spent checking your phone, visiting Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and watching video after video at YouTube. You’ll probably find that you spent more time doing these things than you had imagined.” – Damon Zahariades

23. “A digital detox clears the mental deck. It wipes away the technologyrelated distractions so you can relax and think clearly.” – Damon Zahariades

24. “One of the advantages of going through a digital detox is that you’ll reset other people’s expectations. Without access to your devices, you won’t be able to get back to them in as timely a manner as they’ve come to anticipate.” – Damon Zahariades

25. “A digital detox will improve your ability to communicate face to face. Without access to your phone, computer, and other devices, you’ll be forced to rely on your interpersonal skills. This presents a good opportunity. You’ll become better at listening, maintaining eye contact, and reading body language.” – Damon Zahariades

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