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Healthy Boundaries Quiz (+Free PDF Worksheets)

Healthy Boundaries Quiz

This post contains “Healthy Boundaries Quiz.”

What Are Healthy Boundaries in a Relationship?

Healthy boundaries are rules and guidelines that define what treatment you will and will not tolerate.

They’re meant to protect you from being abused and to maintain a healthy relationship with others.

For example, you may feel uncomfortable with public displays of affection. A healthy boundary would be to let your partner know that you’re not okay with public displays of affection.

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Healthy Boundaries Quiz

The following questions will help you find out how healthy your boundaries with others are:


#1. Do you feel comfortable, most of the time, saying no when someone is asking something of you that you’re unable to give or do or that goes against your principles?

#2. Do you usually refuse to take the blame for other people’s action?

#3. Do you expect and feel deserving of respect and kindness in your communication with others?

#4. Do you have a clear sense of self that is separate from other people’s identity (clearly being able to define your feelings, needs, passions, interests, etc.)?

#5. Are you comfortable accepting help and defining what you want help with and what you want to deal with on your own?

#6. Are you usually able to ask for space and alone time assertively and directly when you need some?

#7. Are you usually able to articulate your discomfort or dissatisfaction in an assertive way?

#8. Do you find it fairly easy to be vulnerable on your terms (i.e. you don’t overshare or find it difficult to open up)?

#9. Do you usually allow vulnerability to be mutual in your relationships (i.e. you don’t share more than the other person is willing to share)?

#10. Are you comfortable changing your mind about certain opinions or choices without feeling guilty?

#11. Are you usually able to dictate where and with whom you spend your time?

#12. Are you able to define and clearly communicate your sexual boundaries (i.e. what you’re comfortable and uncomfortable talking about or doing with your partner)?


Note: This test is not meant to act as a substitute for proper assessment.


The questions above represent common signs of healthy boundaries. If you answered yes to most of these questions, then your boundaries are probably healthy.

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Healthy Boundaries Quiz (+Free Pdf Worksheets)


Boundaries differentiate one person from another.

They define what you are and are not responsible for and make it clear that you’re an autonomous person and not an extension of someone else.

When our boundaries are blurred or nonexistent, relationships become enmeshed.

In enmeshed relationships, everyone is expected to think, feel, and behave the same. You live based on what other people think is right for you instead of deciding for yourself.