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Top 21 Inner Self Quotes

Inner Self Quotes

This post contains some of the best inner self quotes.

Inner Self Quotes

1. “When you are disconnected from your inner self, or Inner Child, you can’t realistically expect the positive consequences that go with being connected to your feelings.” – Margaret Paul

2. “We all have a vulnerable, intuitive, instinctual inner self. As psychiatrist Carl G. Jung said so well, “child” is only the means to express this psychic fact, the symbol of our preconscious nature.” – Margaret Paul

3. “The inner self is not only plural: Jung found that the psyche manifests itself as an androgyny, containing both feminine and masculine energies.” – Robert A. Johnson

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4. “Is love just a butterfly? Love can tell us so many things about the deep waters of our inner self and the secrecy in the hidden brushwood of our emotions.” ― Erik Pevernagie

5. “When people are just drifting along the tides of life and can’t see the shores of reality anymore, they may experience someday the irresistible desire for a liberating burst, emerging deeply from the inner self and disentangling them from their manufactured pattern. That day might be a day of all possibilities and make them ready to hit the ground running.” ― Erik Pevernagie

6. “Important is not so much our place in the theater of the world but our acceptance in the theater of our inner self.” ― Erik Pevernagie

7. “The desire for connection with the Divine and our formless inner self is at the foundation of all desire for human connection.” ― Donna Goddard

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8. “Sometimes your inner self just wants to sit, to breathe, to enjoy; to beautifully exist. Because by beautifully existing, you have already done more than enough!” ― Giannis Delimitsos

9. “An individual who is rooted in his inner self is always blissful.” ― Swami Dhyan Giten

10. “Your inner self is complete in itself. It doesn’t require anything and yet everything is available to it.” ― Shunya

11. “The core of your inner self is like a pomegranate. When it emains untouched, life remains superficial and unsatisfactory. To open it and deseed it, there has to be one sharp cut, one devastating experience in life. After that you must remain still. You should not run for bandage. You should not try to fill the cut with addictive things. Then the right hands will find you and delicately open you and deseed you. Magical things will come out of you that you never thought were inside you.” ― Shunya

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12. “Rich, poor, high, low — the one thing common in all human beings is misery. The real cause of their misery is that they have lost touch with their inner self. But if you want to become a leader of a group of human beings, tell them that the other group is the cause of their misery.” ― Shunya

13. “Stability and security comes in life when you become rooted in your inner self.” ― Shunya

14. “It’s only when we are deeply connected to our inner self that we can sustain our contribution to this world.” ― Venugopal Acharya

15. “When you feel out of sorts for reasons that you can’t understand, spend some time with your inner self to analyze and locate the areas where you are wasting – or draining – your energies.” ― Dr Prem Jagyasi

16. “Spirituality is all about connection – connection with inner self and the Self that is in every being.” ― Amit Ray

17. “We must seek the inner self, the power within.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

18. “Connect with your inner self… once you are truly at this infinite inner place, your true home, you will be at home anywhere, at anytime, with anyone. A place where INFINITE possibility exists.” ― Angie karan

19. “It is imperative you stay in touch with your inner self so you don’t lose the essence of who you truly are.” ― Omoakhuana Anthonia

20. “Anytime I was denying my inner self, I knew absolutely nothing.”― A.D. Posey

21. “The behaviour and attitude of another person’s towards you reflect their state of inner self and mindset.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

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How To Connect With Your Inner Self?

Connecting with your inner self can be a valuable tool in achieving a better sense of emotional well-being, self-awareness, and spiritual growth.

Here are some techniques you can try to connect with your inner self:

1. Meditation: One of the most effective ways to connect with your inner self is through meditation. It helps to quiet the mind, reduce distractions, and create a space for reflection.

2. Journaling: Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you understand yourself better. Try journaling and reflecting on your experiences, emotions, and goals.

3. Mindfulness: Practicing mindfulness can help you stay rooted in the present and improve your awareness. Over time, it can become easier to connect with your inner self and tune in to your thoughts and feelings.

4. Spending time in nature: Being in nature can have a calming effect on the mind and body. Take a walk in the park, hike in the woods, or sit near a body of water to feel more connected to your inner self.

5. Spiritual practices: Engaging in spiritual practices such as yoga, prayer, or attending religious services can help you connect with your inner self.

Remember to be patient and kind to yourself during this process. Connecting with your inner self takes time, effort, and practice.

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