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Top 15 Inner Work Quotes

Inner Work Quotes

This post contains some of the best inner work quotes.

What Is Inner Work?

Inner work refers to the practice of exploring and understanding one’s inner self, beliefs, emotions, and patterns of behavior.

The purpose of inner work is to bring greater awareness to one’s thoughts and feelings, identify areas that need healing or growth, and make positive changes that lead to personal transformation.

Inner work can take many forms, including journaling, therapy, meditation, mindfulness, spiritual practices, and self-reflection.

It involves taking the time to tune in to your inner self and understand your motivations, desires, and fears.

Inner work involves developing a sense of self-awareness and cultivating a deep understanding of oneself.

It requires a willingness to confront uncomfortable emotions, face difficult truths, and work through challenging experiences.

By doing so, inner work can help you release negative patterns, improve your relationships, find meaning and purpose, and create a more fulfilling life.

Inner Work Quotes

1. “Actually, any form of meditation that opens our minds to the messages of the unconscious can be called “inner work.” Humankind has developed an infinite variety of approaches to the inner world, each adapted to a stage of history, a culture, a religion, or a view of our relationship to the spirit.” – Robert A. Johnson

2. “All inner work becomes much less threatening when we begin to see that every expression of the unconscious— whether dream, imagination, vision, or ritual—proceeds from the same reservoir deep within. And everything, therefore, works together.” – Robert A. Johnson

3. “Because inner work is a dialogue between conscious and unconscious elements, it always raises the specter of conflict—inner conflict over values, urges, beliefs, ways of life, morals, loyalties.” – Robert A. Johnson

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4.“Cultivating your emotional awareness through your authentic and direct experience of feelings is one of the most powerful means to access and awaken your inner connection.” ― Markus William Kasunich

5. “Every answer you are seeking is already inside of you. Look within. Do the inner work.” ― Akiroq Brost

6. “Hold yourself back, or heal yourself back together. You decide.” ― Brittany Burgunder

7. “I don’t believe the inner work ever really ends, and sometimes I’d like to take a vacation.” ― Debra Moffitt

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8. “Inner work is primarily the art of learning this symbolic language of the unconscious.” – Robert A. Johnson

9. “Inner work is the effort by which we gain awareness of the deeper layers of consciousness within us and move toward integration of the total self.” – Robert A. Johnson

10. “Inner work teaches us one of the most important principles of the path toward the unified self. Many people believe they can achieve unity by going backwards, avoiding the conflicts, pretending they aren’t there. Inner work, as a practical experience, shows us that we can embrace the conflict, embrace the duality, bravely place ourselves in the very midst of the warring voices, and find our way through them to the unity that they ultimately express.” – Robert A. Johnson

11. “The point of inner work is to build consciousness. By learning to do your own inner work, you gain insight into the conflicts and challenges that your life presents. You are able to search the hidden depths of your own unconscious to find the strengths and resources that wait to be discovered there.” – Robert A. Johnson

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12. “The ultimate forms of bubble boundaries are addiction, excessive drinking, inappropriate sex, drugs, keeping people at arm’s length, and distractions from doing inner work.” – Robert Jackman

13. “We either react to life as it comes, or we respond to life as it comes to us from an organized inner life.” ― Ciela Wynter

14. “What “comes over me” is a sudden invasion of energy from the unconscious. If I think I wasn’t being “myself,” it is because I don’t realize that “myself” also includes my unconscious. These hidden parts of ourselves have strong feelings and want to express them. Yet, unless we learn to do inner work, these parts of ourselves are hidden from our conscious view” – Robert A. Johnson

15. “Within what we have been calling inner work exists many practices, pathways, reminders, nudges, prayers, callings, dreams, whispers, revelations, mysteries, and depths of silence. You actually have everything you need to do this within you, everything.” ― Ciela Wynter

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  • Portions of this article were adapted from the book Inner Work, © 1986 by Robert A. Johnson. All rights reserved.

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