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Top 30 Quotes About Attention Seeking

Quotes About Attention Seeking

This post contains some of the best quotes about attention seeking.

Quotes About Attention Seeking

1. “A busy vibrant, goal-oriented woman is so much more attractive than a woman who waits around for a man to validate her existence.” – Mandy Hale

2. “A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.” – Vernon Howard

3. “Thirst for attention is a cry of loneliness.” – Toba Beta

4. “What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others.” – Confucius

5. “When you do not seek or need approval, you are at your most powerful.” – Caroline Myss

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6. “Who are you trying to impress? Better yet, why?” – Frank Sonnenberg

7. “You gained attention but lost respect.” – Unknown

8. “You think attention is love and that’s why you suffer so much.” – Unknown

9. “You’re giving your personal power away every time you seek validation from someone else for who you are.” – T. J. MacGregor

10. “You’ve been diagnosed with a serious case of attention seeking disorder.” – Unknown

11. “Your constant need for attention is exhausting.” – Unknown

12. “A woman will always be insecure if she attaches her identity and sense of worth to the amount of male attention she gets.” – Anupama Garg

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13. “An amazing thing happens when you stop seeking approval and validation; You find it.” – Mandy Hale

14. “Beware of those who seek constant crowds; they are nothing alone.” – Charles Bukowski

15. “Do not wait for someone else to validate your existence; it is your own responsibility.” – Jasz Gill

16. “Don’t seek approval. This may be the toughest suggestion for you to follow and the most important.” – T. J. MacGregor

17. “I’ve told one person how I feel. About my depression. They called me attention seeking. Little do they know they were the only person I ever let in. Sorry if this sounds like I’m being attention seeking I just needed to say that.” – Unknown

18. “If attention was a product on the market, a lot of people would spend their entire savings on it.” – Edmond Mbiaka

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19. “If outside validation is your only source of nourishment, you will hunger for the rest of your life.” – Unknown

20. “If you are going to do something truly innovative, you have to be someone who does not value social approval. You can’t need social approval to go forward. Otherwise, how would you ever do the thing that you are doing?” – Malcolm Gladwell

21. “If you have to talk to more than three people about the same problem, you don’t want help, you want attention.” – Unknown

22. “In a social media world, the danger is being overexposed and when something is overexposed it is no longer interesting…if ever it was.” – Donna Lynn Hope

23. “It is not a character fault or weakness or seeking attention. It is somebody who is ill.” – Jerry Reed

24. “It is tragic that we recognized our self worth from external validation.” – Aditya Ajmera

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25. “People who are always seeking attention and bragging about themselves are compensating for the insecurities that they have deep down inside. A truly confident person doesn’t need to draw attention to themselves because they know who they are, their worth. Others will see that naturally and compliment them.” – Unknown

26. “People who exhibit attention seeking behavior are not just drama queens. They’re mentally ill, psychiatrists call it historic personality disorder.” – Unknown

27. “People who shine from within don’t need the spotlight.” – Unknown

28. “People with an unbridled thirst for attention is usually very empty and trying to fill themselves at the expense of others.” – Amelia Rose

29. “Seek respect not attention.” – Ben Bereng

30. “Seeking validation will keep you trapped. You don’t need anyone or anything to approve of your worth. When you understand this, you’ll be free.” – Unknown

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