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Top 21 Quotes About Finding The Right Person

Quotes About Finding The Right Person

This post contains some of the best quotes about finding the right person.

Quotes About Finding The Right Person

1. “Mastering the science of choosing the right person is the biggest part of making things work out in the long-term. Now that we’re walking down a beach in a sunny union, we need to keep working to make sure we remain happy, don’t split the air with arguments too often, and ensure that we get steadily closer and our relationship gets better over time and distance. We all know how tough it is, divorce rates are too high, but we will now do our part to defeat those numbers.” – Richard La Ruina

2. “The bottom line is this: if when you find the man of your dreams you are willing to spend so much time with him, doesn’t it make sense to be willing to spend the same amount of time doing things that will lead you to him?” – Matthew Hussey

3. “Many women worry that there’s too much competition out there. If you find yourself falling into this trap I want to remind you of something: most women aren’t doing anything to find the guy, so they’re not competing with you. They are either hanging out at home on their Facebook page or out with their friends talking about how there are no guys out there.” – Matthew Hussey

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4. “Although I’m hurt right now, this person wasn’t right for me. Now I can allow myself to find the right person.” – Matthew Hussey

5. “We’ve all been led to believe that someday it will just “happen,” that one day fate will drop the person of our dreams right next to us while we’re standing at a stoplight.” – Matthew Hussey

6. “Life is full of people who wait. They wait for the right moment to approach someone, or wait for someone to approach them first. They wait for someone to show enough interest that they don’t risk being rejected, they wait to be invited, and they wait to make a move. They wait to feel confident before taking action. Wait, wait, wait, for everything.” – Matthew Hussey

7. “If you want to have a better chance of finding the right guy, you have to begin with meeting more men. Not one more, not two more, but a lot more. The more men you meet, the more you increase your chances of finding the right one.” – Matthew Hussey

8. “Scarcity makes us settle. If you believe that there aren’t many good guys out there, you’ll invest far too much in the first decent man you do meet, even if he’s far from being the right one.” – Matthew Hussey

9. “She patiently waited for another Mr. Right to come along, but nothing happened. She daydreamed that perhaps the guy sitting at the next desk at her new job would be attractive and friendly and introduce himself, just as her first love did.” – Matthew Hussey

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10. “The effects of such a makeover are temporary. It works on our external appearance and might look like a big transformation on screen, but it doesn’t target the changes in behavior that really make the difference. Yes, I know it can be great TV, but no speedy external makeover addresses the greater task at hand of finding (and keeping) the right man for you.” – Matthew Hussey

11. “How many traits that you long for in your perfect man do you embody yourself? Because believe me, Mr. Right, wherever he is out there, wants the same thing. In the same way you’re not sitting sipping your tea and thinking, What I’d really like is a dullard who has no inner life and will look to me to fulfill all his needs and make his life exciting, Mr. Right is hoping to find a woman of high value.” – Matthew Hussey

12. “A woman who is certain knows what she is looking for in a man and never settles for less than her highest standards. She thinks, If a guy can’t meet my needs, he’s not right for me. When a guy is around this kind of woman, he wants to bring his A-game, knowing she won’t accept less. He wants the woman who already knows that she is good enough for him.” – Matthew Hussey

13. “The tricky thing to balance here is to maintain your independence but also help him feel that he brings something to the table—and if you have found the right guy, that shouldn’t be too difficult.” – Matthew Hussey

14. “Imagine you were offered the perfect relationship tomorrow. The guy is standing right next to you. He’s everything you want in a man: He’s attractive, kind, warm, intelligent, and ambitious. He cares about your needs, turns you on sexually, and is fun to be around. He shares all of your deepest values and is dedicated to sharing his life with you. If you were offered this perfect relationship with this perfect person, how much time would you be willing to invest in this relationship each week? How much time would you spend with him? How much time would you spend sharing new experiences with him? How much of your average weekend would you spend being intimate and close to him? I know the answer: a lot.” – Matthew Hussey

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15. “The truth is, Mr. Right does all of the things you do. He does not belong to a different species. Wherever you go, he goes. He is on the train, riding the escalator, shopping in the supermarket, relaxing in the coffee shop, playing sports, watching sports, in line at the movies, or at the cell phone store. He is everywhere.” – Matthew Hussey

16. “While there is no perfect venue, some venues are better than others. You probably won’t run across Mr. Right while getting your nails done; you have a better chance browsing at the Apple store. The best venue is rich in guys and allows for easy conversation. Your living room couch doesn’t qualify.” – Matthew Hussey

17. “You’ll never know where Mr. Right will appear, and when he does it helps to be “in shape” socially, to be able to start a conversation, and get and keep him interested.” – Matthew Hussey

18. “He could be standing right next to you, thinking you’re a goddess and the girl of his dreams, and he might not do a thing about it. In fact, the more attracted to you a guy is, the less likely he is to approach you. Why? Because it’s easier for him to talk to a woman he doesn’t like. Talking to the girl who makes him melt inside is hard as hell.” – Matthew Hussey

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19. “I can’t tell you how many confirmed bachelors I’ve met over the years who, when they meet the right woman, stumble happily head over heels into commitment.” – Matthew Hussey

20. “It’s not uncommon for a woman to want a relationship so badly that she finds a way to mold any guy into the image of the right guy. She takes a guy with one or two qualities she likes and fills in the blanks, imbuing him with the rest of the qualities she requires. She turns him into Prince Charming (which is usually far from the truth) and winds up valuing him too highly. This creates a false reality, since the guy hasn’t earned the image she has of him. He may be a great guy but for reasons entirely different than her notion of him.” – Matthew Hussey

21. “Now that you have him and you have become the woman of his dreams, how do you know if this guy is right for you? If it’s six days, six months, or six years down the line, how do you know he’s worth your continued time, effort, and love?” – Matthew Hussey

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  • Portions of this article were adapted from the book Get The Guy, © 2013 by Matthew Hussey. All rights reserved.

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