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Top 17 Shame Journal Prompts (+FREE Worksheets)

Shame Journal Prompts

This post contains some of the best shame journal prompts.

What Is Journaling?

Journaling is a private space to express yourself and explore your inner world.

Journaling is an accessible tool for emotional management.

The simple act of writing things down can help you relieve emotional distress and bring clarity around your needs.

Shame Journal Prompts

1. What is your first memory of shame?

2. Has shame been a lifelong problem for you?

3. At what age did you begin to notice that you’re struggling with feelings of shame? Has it worsened or improved over time?

4. Are you aware of any early experiences that may have caused shame?

5. How is shame causing problems in your life and relationships with others (e.g., friendships, romantic relationship, parenting)?

6. How would your life be different if you felt less shame?

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7. What situations or people trigger your feelings of shame?

8. What thoughts and feelings do you most often have when you feel shame?

9. How do you react to feelings of shame? Do you withdraw, overeat, get angry at yourself?

10. Do you tend to be judgmental with yourself when feeling shame? If so, what purpose is being hard on yourself serving?

11. Are you surrounded by people who shame you? If so, what boundaries can you set to protect yourself?

12. What would you say to a dear friend who is in the same situation and having the same critical thoughts about themselves? Say it to yourself.

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13. If you feel shame, how can you calm yourself?

14. How can you show yourself more acceptance and compassion?

15. Do you find yourself often obsessively worrying about what others think of you? If so, what can you do to feel less obsessed?

16. Where can you ask for emotional support or help?

17. What do you need to forgive yourself for?

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