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Top 10 Suffering In Silence Quotes

Suffering In Silence Quotes

This post contains some of the best suffering in silence quotes.

Suffering In Silence Quotes

1. “Friendship is not diminished by distance or time, by imprisonment or war, by suffering or silence. It is in these things that it roots most deeply.” — Pam Brown

2. “If somebody says what they want or what they need it gives the person the chance to say yes or no, instead of suffering in silence or depravation or whatever it is.” — David Duchovny

3. “In no way be bullied into silence. Hardly ever permit on your own to become made a sufferer. Acknowledge no one’s definition of one’s lifetime; define oneself.” — Harvey Fierstein

4. “It often requires more courage to suffer in silence than to rebel, more courage not to strike back than to retaliate, more courage to be silent than to speak.” — Booker T. Washington

5. “Living in a house where domestic violence goes on every day never feels like home. You don’t have to suffer in silence. I’m giving my full support to this website as it will give proper and practical advice about what to do if you feel afraid. Remember, you’re not alone.” — Beverley Knight

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6. “Some … have imagined that by arousing a baseless suspicion in the mind of the beloved we can revive a waning devotion. But this experiment is very dangerous. Those who recommend it are confident that so long as resentment is groundless one need only suffer it in silence and all will soon be well. I have observed however that this is by no means the case.” — Murasaki Shikibu

7. “Too many Americans who struggle with mental health illnesses are suffering in silence rather than seeking help, and we need to see to it that men and women who would never hesitate to go see a doctor if they had a broken arm or came down with the flu, that they have that same attitude when it comes to their mental health.” — Barack Obama

8. “You must cry out if you want help. It is no use whatsoever to suffer in silence. Who will succour the drowning man if he does not clamour for his life?”— Kamala Markandaya

9. “For many suffer but not everybody lives.” ― Laura Chouette

10. “So if there is any truth to it all – it is that everyone suffers in their own” ― Laura Chouette

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