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Top 19 Workplace Wellness Quotes

Workplace Wellness Quotes

This post contains some of the best workplace wellness quotes

Workplace Wellness Quotes

1. “A range of issues may cause or exacerbate stress. Work-related stress may be connected to issues such as role overload (too much to do) and interpersonal strain.” – Meredith Fuller

2. “Companies are promoting the idea of healthy practices at the workplace because it increases productivity and reduces absenteeism!” – Shameem Akhtar

3. “Deciding whether you need to stay or go is highly connected to how stressful it is for you to work in your particular organization.” – Meredith Fuller

4. “Establishing friendships with coworkers can make your professional life easier, more rewarding, and can help you weather the difficult times that inevitably accompany any career.” – Ken Kupchik

5. “For many, remote work has been a godsend, as their taxing morning commute has been replaced by rolling onto their side and tapping the keyboard to make it look like they’ve logged on for the day. But for others, the prolonged isolation has caused undue distress, and the lack of structure has made it difficult to be productive, which sounds believable enough to garner sympathy if you ever need an excuse for why you haven’t done any work.” – Ken Kupchik

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6. “Ideally, every workplace should have policies and procedures to deal with bullying and harassment, because employers should wish to provide a safe environment for all their workers.” – Meredith Fuller

7. “Like anything else, remote work has its upsides and downsides. While some people might thrive on being locked in their bedroom all day, others will long for the camaraderie and structure found in an office.” – Ken Kupchik

8. “Prolonged stress may lead to burnout or ill health, and you want to avoid both of these at all costs. The higher and more prolonged your stress, the longer it takes to recover. You need to explore your stress levels before you can gauge whether to stay or whether you need to go.” – Meredith Fuller

9. “Sometimes women can be their own worst enemies when they consistently deliver above and beyond what is reasonable. We are master jugglers, multitaskers, creative problem-solvers, and lateral thinkers and are likely to persevere to the end.” – Meredith Fuller

10. “Take time out of your day to sit and relax. Practice breathing and being. Give your mind and body a chance to slow down. Doing this will allow you to become refreshed so you can better cope with life ahead. Try yoga, meditation, martial arts, painting, journaling, learning a second language, reading. Strive to make these stress-reducing steps a normal part of your daily life. Enjoy the results.” – Meredith Fuller

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11. “The best strategy is to prevent burnout through a combination of change and education for both the organization and the people who may be causing the stress that leads to burnout. If your manager or the organization refuse to budge—if they refuse to see that your work situation is contributing to your high levels of stress and burnout, or if they see it as your personal problem and refuse to do anything about it—you might need to consider other options, such as finding a new job, moving to a different area in the organization, changing your reporting lines, or enrolling in a class or study course as a medium-term strategy for job change.” – Meredith Fuller

12. “The main causes of workplace stress will no doubt sound familiar: long hours, heavy workload, changes within the organization, tight deadlines, changes to duties, uncertain job security, lack of autonomy, boring work, insufficient skills for the job, over-supervision, inadequate working environment, lack of proper resources, lack of equipment, few promotional opportunities, harassment, discrimination, and poor relationships with colleagues or bosses. The fact that this all sounds familiar shouldn’t detract from the effect these causes of stress can have on you.” – Meredith Fuller

13. “There is a reason why people ask a busy person to complete a task for them. Don’t feel obliged to always say yes when somebody asks you to do something. You will become exhausted and they will expect you to be available 24/7. Saying no isn’t usually our default position.” – Meredith Fuller

Workplace Wellness Quotes

14. “To what extent is your well-being affected by staying? To what extent is your career affected by remaining? These are the most important questions when you are considering what to do.” – Meredith Fuller

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15. “Truthfully examine how much time you are devoting to your work. Would it be helpful to create some space in your life? If possible, take a holiday, leave of absence, or sabbatical to give yourself time to decompress, reflect, and reconnect.” – Meredith Fuller

16. “We have to ensure that we create cohesive, collaborative workplaces that do not advantage people who work one way over another and that keep fairness and equity at the heart of their thinking so that we don’t end up with two-tier or disparate systems.” – Cary Cooper

17. “Without your coworkers, the workplace would be an empty, quiet place, devoid of personalities, challenges, and relationships, leaving you alone to ponder your thoughts without the benefits of mutual support.” – Ken Kupchik

18. “Your health and well-being are likely to be compromised by the impact of stress, so the first step is to understand whether you are actually under stress and which career and personal areas are affected. Next, you need to determine what level of stress you are experiencing.” – Meredith Fuller

19. “Your health and well-being are the most important concerns. Without good health, you cannot function properly or care for yourself and those you are responsible for—your dependents.” – Meredith Fuller

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