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Perfectionism vs Excellence

Perfectionism vs Excellence

In this post, you’re going to learn the difference between perfectionism and excellence. Perfectionism vs Excellence Perfectionism Perfectionism involves setting excessively high standards for oneself, striving for flawlessness, and being overly critical of one’s performance. Those who struggle with perfectionism often experience intense fear of failure, a preoccupation with avoiding mistakes, and chronic self-doubt. Perfectionists

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Intellectual Boundaries

30 Examples of Intellectual Boundaries

This post contains a list of intellectual boundaries examples. What Are Intellectual Boundaries? Intellectual boundaries refer to the limits and guidelines individuals establish regarding the sharing of their thoughts, beliefs, and intellectual property with others. These boundaries are essential for safeguarding cognitive autonomy, respecting personal intellectual contributions, and maintaining privacy within personal and professional interactions.

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Trauma Bond Withdrawal Symptoms

Top 10 Trauma Bond Withdrawal Symptoms (+7 Tips on How to Relieve them)

This post contains top trauma bond withdrawal symptoms along with helpful tips to relieve them. What Is Trauma Bond? A trauma bond, also known as a traumatic bond or Stockholm Syndrome, refers to an intense emotional attachment that forms between an individual and an abusive or harmful person or situation. This bond develops as a

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