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Top 25 Phone Addiction Quotes

Phone Addiction Quotes

This post contains some of the best phone addiction quotes.

Phone Addiction Quotes

1. “A 2017 poll on mobile device usage from Common Sense Media revealed that 50 percent of US teens admitted that they “feel addicted” to their mobile devices.” – Hilda Burke

2. “Does age constitute maturity or an accumulation of observations? If you look at your phone all day and you’re 40 and the 22-year-old for all their life has roamed life hands-free, who has lived longer? Why measure age when you can measure the development and streak of your consciousness? How often are you in control? Not because you’re controlling a phone— because really you’re just receiving stimuli and algorithms control you. How often do you think? I miss the time where the high seats playing God in their big offices were scared of the person who thinks. But they’re not anymore. Because they already won. The threat died. No one thinks.”
― Karl Kristian Flores

3. “I made a mistake when I gave my older ­children phones when they were 13. It ended my relationship with them, really. Not completely, but it became a very, very big part of their lives. They became too inundated with imagery and started to compare themselves to other people, and that’s really bad for self-growth.” — Madonna

4. “I think a lot of people get lost. They start following iconic figures and get drowned in the pool of celebrities. Our society, as we know it, is definitely changing. With social media and cell phones, you freak out when you don’t know what’s going on.” — Israel Broussard

5. “I’m not always attached to my phone, sometimes it’s charging.” — Unknown

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6. “If social media controls you and is robbing you of your freedom and good emotional energy chances are you’re addicted and it’s time to find another hobby.” ― Germany Kent

7. “If your family has gotten used to having devices at the table, it can be difficult to break the cycle… Find a starting point that works for you and use it as an opportunity to reset the relationship between meals and devices.” ― Thatcher Wine

8.In recent years, the lives we live seem to be getting busier and busier. Technology has increasingly made its way into every part of our existence — nearly everyone has powerful smartphones in their hands, pockets, or somewhere close. Economic and societal pressure has increased the need, or at least the perception, that we should always be doing and striving for more.” ― Thatcher Wine

9. “Life without a phone is riskier, lonelier, more vivid.” ― Eloisa James

10. “Man does not really love social media; he merely hates boredom and loneliness.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

11. “More than 80% of Millennials sleep with their cell phones (as compared to only a third of Boomers); More than half check them in the middle of the night. A third send over 35 text messages after having gone to bed. For digital natives, life is lived mediated.” ― Julie Albright

12. “Of course smartphones are brilliant inventions, but the nefarious thing about Twitter and other social media is that it starts to fill all the gaps in your day. I quickly become an addict.” — Nick Offerman

13. “Once the internet colonizes you in a bad way, so your future too” ― Lapatha

14. “Our attention spans have been reduced by the immediate gratification provided by smartphones and social media.” Katherine Ryan

15. “Pay attention to humans, not to your phone.” ― Abhijit Naskar

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16. “Phone breaks are in a way the new smoke breaks.” A.D. Aliwat

17. “Phones are neither good nor bad, they are just lifeless machines that were invented to serve humankind, yet humankind, with their everlasting stupidity have turned this communication marvel into psychological suicide.” ― Abhijit Naskar

18. “Since the Internet has conquered human interaction, let me deepen my subscription
to introversion.” ― Makuochukwu Okigbo

19. “Smartphones are a great portal for knowledge, but when the people do not know how to use them, those very devices do more harm to the inner wellbeing of a person, young and old alike, than they do good.” ― Abhijit Naskar

20. “So that’s the telephone? They ring, and you run.”― Edgar Degas

21. “The challenge of being a good listener is not a new problem, but technology makes it easier to cover it up. We can be on the phone or in a meeting, and keep up just enough, saying the right thing at the right time, while being engaged in something else on our devices.” ― Thatcher Wine

22. “The difference between technology and slavery is that slaves are fully aware that they are not free” ― Nassim Nicholas Taleb

23. “The less devices you have to charge, the more charge you have for your mind.” ― Abhijit Naskar

24. “Turn off all notifications on your phone, except the most important ones. And check your social media only once or twice a day, not every minute. If you can do this, then perhaps there is a possibility, that society will not completely lose its sanity and health after all.” ― Abhijit Naskar

25. “We all need a technological detox; we need to throw away our phones and computers instead of using them as our pseudo-defence system for anything that comes our way. We need to be bored and not have anything to use to shield the boredom away from us. We need to be lonely and see what it is we really feel when we are. If we continue to distract ourselves so we never have to face the realities in front of us, when the time comes and you are faced with something bigger than what your phone, food, or friends can fix, you will be in big trouble.” ― Evan Sutter

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