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Best 5 Stuttering Books

Stuttering Books

The following are some of the best stuttering books.

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Stuttering Books

1. Out With It

By Katherine Preston

Out With It is an anthology of expertise and experience that sheds light on an ancient problem that today affects 60 million people worldwide. It is a heartwarming memoir and a journalistic feat, a story about understanding yourself an learning to embrace the voice within.

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2. Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures

By Lee G Lovett

The author stuttered to age 30, then cured himself and, in the last six years, has given over 5,000 hours of free coaching to his readers and has posted 1,500 of his coaching videos online (with over 100,000 views) and has posted over 150 Success Stories of his students in his Speech Hall of Fame (viewable on the website of Speech Anxiety Anonymous). An entire stop-stuttering program has been built around this book and can be found at Speech Anxiety Cures’ website.

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3. Beyond Stuttering

By Dave McGuire

Combining mental strategies with breathing techniques, this book explains The McGuire Programme, a proven technique for long-term improvement in speech and self-confidence for those who suffer from stuttering. Developed through the author’s own struggles, readers learn to deal with their fear of stuttering by using a combination of physical techniques and mental strategies so that they can become better than normally fluent speakers.

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4. Every Waking Moment

By Christopher Anderson

Every Waking Moment is an intense, vulnerable, and insightful memoir showing how the struggle to communicate shapes the coming of age for those who stutter and what it means to accept yourstutter.

For millions of people worldwide, stuttering, also known as stammering, is defined by an endless uncertainty of how to escape its trauma and stigma. Thus, Christopher faces his greatest fears as he undergoes an extraordinary transformation that leads him life fulfillment:

  • To find his one true love in marriage,
  • To discover community in the National Stuttering Association,
  • To an innovative speech-language pathologist who implores him to face his stutter, not hide it,
  • To the frontlines of US national security in a dream job,
  • To train for and finish brutal Ironman triathlons, and
  • To what was once thought impossible, fatherhood.

5. From Stuttering to Fluency

By Gunars K. Neiders Psy.D., Will Ross

Unlike other books on the subject, From Stuttering to Fluency directly and systematically addresses the attitudes and emotions associated with stuttering. The emotional control techniques taught in this book show the person who stutters how to overcome fear and shame and live life to the fullest.

From Stuttering to Fluency shows how an attitude of self-acceptance, combined with speech manipulation techniques, reduces blocks and struggling speech, and increases speech fluency.

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