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Top 19 Workplace Drama Quotes

Workplace Drama Quotes

This post contains some of the best workplace drama quotes.

Workplace Drama Quotes

1. “We’re wired to respond much more intensely to negative interactions than to positive ones.” – Friederike Fabritius

2. “Once you’ve joined the professional world, you may believe that the gossip, drama, and popularity contests from your high school days are over, and that you’ll be surrounded by professional adults who operate respectfully and always mind their business.” – Ken Kupchik

3. “The modern workplace not only contains all the cliques and rumor mills of your average high school. It’s even worse because now all the gossips and bullies have money, titles, and coded language that they can use to destroy you professionally if you refuse to bend the knee and indulge their sociopathic tendencies.” – Ken Kupchik

4. “Much like the debilitating anxiety you feel every Sunday night, workplace drama seems to spring out of nowhere.” – Ken Kupchik

5. “In reality, a well-functioning workplace should have as little drama as possible, which means that most office drama has a cause.” – Ken Kupchik

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6. “When having discussions with your coworkers, keep the conversation focused on facts and stay away from discussing anybody in personal terms, unless they’re wearing a really hideous outfit—ugh, what were they thinking?!” – Ken Kupchik

7. “Oftentimes, we say things in the heat of the moment that we later come to regret. If somebody sends you an email that feels aggressive or accusatory, instead of responding right away, take a step back, go outside for some fresh air, get in your car, drive away, and never come back.” – Ken Kupchik

8. “It might be tempting to air your professional (or personal) grievances to somebody in the workplace, but even if you trust them, it’s a bad idea. Not only is there a risk that your comments will be repeated, there’s also a good chance that nobody wants to hear about your ferret’s gluten sensitivity.” – Ken Kupchik

9. “In the event that a coworker starts discussing gossip with you, you should know how to smoothly change the subject back to something professional. Try saying: “I’m sorry, but this project requires a lot of focus,” or “Did you know that Czechoslovakia was split into two sovereign states in 1993?”” – Ken Kupchik

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10. “Despite your best intentions, you might occasionally overhear some office gossip. If this happens, make sure you don’t repeat what you’ve heard.” – Ken Kupchik

11. “It might seem like it’s all fun and games, but workplace drama can have serious implications for company culture and detrimental effects on workplace morale.” – Ken Kupchik

12. “If there weren’t millions of workers who thrived on drama, then it wouldn’t be so prevalent in the workplace today.” – Ken Kupchik

13. “The sad truth is that for many people, drama can make work less tedious and more exciting, at the expense of their coworkers’ well-being, of course.” – Ken Kupchik

14. “Make it a point to remain professional at work and you won’t get drawn into petty feuds.” – Ken Kupchik

15. “If you find making friends at work too difficult, or just prefer the drama of having an office nemesis, then making a workplace enemy is an excellent way to go.” – Ken Kupchik

16. “Every workplace has at least one complainer, and some workplaces have many. This type of coworker is adept at finding a problem for every solution and isn’t shy about sharing it with everyone else.” – Ken Kupchik

17. “Drama Generator can easily position themselves for promotion, using the same treachery they use to turn the workplace into a sordid den of confrontation. If you are unlucky enough to get stuck with one of these demented types, try to keep your distance. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself being accused, exposed, and possibly arrested—all to serve the Drama Generator’s perverse machinations.” – Ken Kupchik

18. “A self-described “natural leader,” the Delegator has never met an assignment they didn’t immediately try to pass on to someone else. This type of coworker frequently ends up in management, where they assign tasks left and right without a moment’s thought as to their own meager workload. Try to challenge the Delegator’s efforts and you’ll get an earful about company hierarchy and the importance of being a team player.” – Ken Kupchik

19. “But Gen Z employees can also bring negative publicity to your company with their social media posts or photos. Even though they are highly sophisticated at using the various social media platforms, many Gen Zers seem surprisingly naïve about how a quick post can lead to long-term consequences.” – Robin Paggi & Kat Clowes

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