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Perfectionism vs Excellence

Perfectionism vs Excellence

In this post, you’re going to learn the difference between perfectionism and excellence. Perfectionism vs Excellence Perfectionism Perfectionism involves setting excessively high standards for oneself, striving for flawlessness, and being overly critical of one’s performance. Those who struggle with perfectionism often experience intense fear of failure, a preoccupation with avoiding mistakes, and chronic self-doubt. Perfectionists

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OCD vs. Perfectionism

OCD vs. Perfectionism

In this post, you’ll learn the difference between OCD and perfectionism. What Is OCD? According to the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition), OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) is a mental health disorder characterized by the presence of obsessions and/or compulsions that cause distress, consume a significant amount of time, and interfere with

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Root Cause Of Perfectionism

Root Cause Of Perfectionism (top 5 Causes)

This post contains top root causes of perfectionism along with helpful tips to help you overcome perfectionism. What Is Perfectionism? Merriam-Webster defines ‘Perfectionism’ as “a disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable” Perfectionism is often seen as a “positive flaw.” Many people would declare their perfectionism as a flaw yet secretly they take

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Am I A Perfectionist Quiz

Am I A Perfectionist Quiz (+FREE Perfectionism Worksheets PDF)

This post contains “Am I a perfectionist quiz” to help you assess your perfectionism. What Is Perfectionism? Certain aspects of perfectionism, such as high level of personal standards and trying to do your best, might be beneficial in the workplace. However, perfectionism can become dysfunctional when perfectionistic tendencies impair people at work and in life

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