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Top 21 Accepting Help Quotes

Accepting Help Quotes

This post contains some of the best accepting help quotes.

Accepting Help Quotes

1. “A generous heart is always open, always ready to receive our going and coming. In the midst of such love we need never fear abandonment.” – Unknown

2. “Most survivors tend to be the care-giver rather than the care-receiver. We tend to be good at being spouses and parents, anticipating our loved ones needs, going the second mile when it came to self sacrifice. But seldom can we ask our loved ones to give to us. We fool ourselves into believing we don’t need much.” ― Beverly Engel

3. “We are not always aware of the help we may give by accepting aid, that in this way we may establish a foothold for contact.” – Finn Carling

4. “Just taking the time to put your mental health first, acknowledging that it deserves respect and care, and accepting help when you need it, can save your life. You are worth saving. And you are not alone.” – A.J. Mendez Brooks

5. “It is not giving up, it is accepting. And the light will enter. Always does.” – Kamal Ravikant

6. “When we accept the fact that we can’t do everything, we are more willing to ask for and accept help when we do anything.” – Simon Sinek

7. “You need other people, Madeline. There’s a great freedom in knowing that. And accepting that. And letting people in. Letting them help you.” – Blake Nelson

8. “Before I can accept someone’s help, I must accept their presence.” – Lawrence Fagg

9. “But then it occured to him that any progress he had made on his quest so far he had made by accepting the help that had been offered to him.” – Neil Gaiman

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10. “Needing was so easy: it came naturally, like breathing. Being needed by someone else, though, that was the hard part. But as with giving help and accepting it, we had to do both to be made complete-like links overlapping to form a chain, or a lock finding the right key.” – Sarah Dessen

11. “Accepting help is its own kind of strength.” – Kiera Cass

12. “When we are not adept Receivers, we try to control everything through our own efforts. Not only is this counterproductive but such a strategy also does not take anything else or anybody’s desires into account.” – Amanda Owen

13. “Although it may seem counterintuitive, skilled Receivers have healthier boundaries than those who do not know how to receive. Because they have more data to work with, they set their boundaries appropriately based on that information, on what they know.” – Amanda Owen

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14. “Just as a Giver doesn’t feel compelled to hand over everything that is requested, a Receiver doesn’t feel obliged to do, think or say anything that doesn’t feel comfortable.”– Amanda Owen

Accepting Help Quotes

15. “Being an excellent Receiver does not rob you of using your good judgment, just as being a Giver doesn’t mean that you are unable to use common sense.”– Amanda Owen

16. “The more you receive, the more likely you will make appropriate choices. Conversely, people who don’t receive are often “flying blind,” making decisions without all of the relevant data.”– Amanda Owen

17. “An experienced Receiver does not fear being indebted to a Giver because the gate of giving and receiving swings both ways—receiving sometimes and giving at other times.”– Amanda Owen

18. “Your ability to receive something as simple as a compliment is significant. It signals loud and clear that you are ready to receive.”– Amanda Owen

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19. “Life is constantly giving. But only Receivers notice it. So, if life gives to those who can receive, as soon as you receive, life gives. You will be absolutely amazed when you see how this actually happens. It feels miraculous.”– Amanda Owen

20. “Receiving takes practice. If you start with the smaller things, you will soon graduate to the bigger ones.”– Amanda Owen

21. “Receive the pleasure of living in a world where people compliment you, are kind to you and are considerate of you. Be genuinely appreciative. How great is it that people will do something for you, serve you in some way, give to you? Be excited by it! Celebrate it! Life’s abundance is everywhere. And the more you notice it, the more life gives.”– Amanda Owen

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  • Portions of this article were adapted from the book The Power of Receiving, © 2010 by Amanda Owen. All rights reserved.