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Top 19 Family Boundaries Quotes

Family Boundaries Quotes

This post contains some of the best family boundaries quotes.

Family Boundaries Quotes

1. “Tell them that you love them, and you want them in your life, but not as the relationship is now. Paint a positive picture of the relationship with clear boundaries so that they can completely understand your reasons.” – Chase Hill

2. “When siblings continue to break boundaries, you will need to have a more serious conversation. It might be that they weren’t listening the first time around, or that they didn’t feel that you were serious enough.” – Chase Hill

3. “A good way to start looking at what boundaries to set is to create two lists: one for what you need, and another for what the family needs.” – Chase Hill

4. “It’s a shame that there are times when family members don’t respect our boundaries.” – Chase Hill

5. “If a family member insists on crossing the limits you’ve clearly set, it’s time to create that space for your own wellbeing. It doesn’t have to be forever. But if they aren’t willing to understand the importance of your needs, happiness and life, you’re better off removing them from the equation so that you can look after yourself.” – Chase Hill

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6. “A parent who is authoritative is one who actively listens to their child without dismissing thoughts, feelings and ideas. At the same time as respecting a child for who they are, an authoritative parent will set and maintain boundaries. They will understand the importance of give and take with a child, instead of setting rules that can never be broken.” – Chase Hill

7. “A child expressing anger should be allowed to explain how they feel. But if they throw something in a rage or become physically violent, there has to be a consequence.” – Chase Hill

8. “When looking at establishing boundaries with different family members, begin by making sure you’re clear of what these boundaries look like and if there’s room for give and take, depending on your relationship and their expectations. Prepare yourself so that you’re in the right frame of mind and are feeling as confident as possible.” – Chase Hill

9. “As older people, parents are often stuck in their ways. You might find that they’re also from a generation of authoritarian parents, where there was no other choice but to listen to and obey the rules of the parents. If your parents never set boundaries with their parents, it could be harder for you.” – Chase Hill

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10. “Also, many times, parents are completely unaware that their actions are upsetting you. By now you have probably tried having a conversation, but your parents continue to break your boundaries.” – Chase Hill

11. “Just because they’re your parents, it doesn’t mean you should give up on your boundaries and accept that this is how life is going to be.” – Chase Hill

12. “Nobody but you knows how you feel, what boundaries you want to set, or the type of relationship you hope to get out of it.”– Chase Hill

13. “Keep telling yourself that you aren’t a child anymore, and that you are an independent human being who deserves respect from everyone, including your parents.”– Chase Hill

14. “What’s equally important as establishing boundaries with your parents is to follow through with the consequences. Empty promises will only encourage parents to cross other lines.”– Chase Hill

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15. “Establishing boundaries with your parents isn’t a competition, but you can feel slightly outnumbered if you’re planning to have a conversation with two people on your own.”– Chase Hill

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16. “Cultural differences can be extremely challenging, but that’s not to say that you don’t have the right to establish your boundaries as you see fit. For those who come from a culture where close relationships and intrusive behavior are part of the norm, it’s hard to see your friends enjoy a more relaxed and less controlling relationship with their parents.”– Chase Hill

17. “If you’ve tried to implement boundaries and your parents aren’t making any effort to change, or you’ve reached the point where you mentally can’t take any more, it’s time to step away and limit the contact as much as possible.”– Chase Hill

18. “Some parents will learn very quickly that you’re determined to maintain your boundaries. Others will test the limits you have in place in the hope they’re able to find your weak spot and regain their control, which is why persistence and determination are critical.”– Chase Hill

19. “As with boundaries and our family members, there’s a wide spectrum with regards to the need for boundaries. There could be niggly things that cause arguments or more severe issues such as narcissism, codependency, and abuse.”– Chase Hill

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  • Portions of this article were adapted from the book Healthy Boundaries, © 2021 by Chase Hill. All rights reserved.