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Am I Controlling In My Relationship Quiz (+FREE Relationship Worksheets)

Am I Controlling In My Relationship Quiz

This post contains “Am I controlling in my relationship quiz”.

Am I Controlling In My Relationship Quiz


#1. Do you often dictate what your partner does, who they spend time with, how they dress, and more?

#2. Are you always quick to criticize?

#3. Are you isolating your partner from their friends and family by not wanting them to focus on these relationships or asking them to spend more time with you instead?

#4. Do you always want to know where they are, checking up on them all day long?

#5. Do you often look through their phone or social media accounts?

#6. Do you feel uncomfortable with your partner making decisions or doing things without you?

#7. Do you ask a lot of questions to the point of smothering your partner?

#8. Do you often make your partner feel guilty by blaming them for your problems?

#9. Do you often find yourself giving your partner the silent treatment as a punishment or when they don’t do as you tell them?

#10. Do you often become defensive at the smallest sign of conflict?


Note: This test is not meant to act as a substitute for proper assessment.


The questions above represent common signs you could be controlling in your relationship. If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you might have control issues.

It’s important to note that it’s the behavior itself that indicates controlling issues, but what motivates the behavior.

When such behaviors are motivated by fear of losing the person, distrust, personal insecurities, etc. then the behavior becomes a sign of trying to control someone else.

If you suspect you might be a controlling person, consider seeing a therapist to help you figure out how best to address your behavior.

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Am I Controlling In My Relationship Quiz

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