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Top 21 Anxiety And Overthinking Relationship Quotes

Anxiety And Overthinking Relationships Quotes

This post contains some of the best anxiety and overthinking relationship quotes.

What Is Relationship Anxiety?

Relationship anxiety is a form of anxiety that arises in romantic relationships.

It refers to a feeling of unease, fear, or worry about the state or future of the relationship.

People who experience relationship anxiety often have intrusive thoughts or doubts about their partner’s feelings towards them, their own feelings for their partner, or the overall viability of the relationship.

This anxiety can cause significant distress and can negatively impact the individual’s emotional well-being and the quality of their relationship.

It is important to address and manage relationship anxiety through open communication, self-reflection, and seeking support if needed.

Anxiety And Overthinking Relationship Quotes

1. “…take a stab at one of the most pressing concerns in relationship anxiety: How do I know this is really anxiety and that I’m not just in denial?” – Sheva Rajaee

2. “Relationship anxiety, that exaggerated need to get it right, clouds your ability to hold the duality of the complex person you’ve partnered with: the good with the bad, the practical with the passionate. Somewhere along the way, we went a bit too far. ” – Sheva Rajaee

3. “If you grew up in a peaceful and loving home, you might feel relationship anxiety for the simple reason that relationships are deeply important to you and greatly impact your quality of life, and your anxious brain knows it.” – Sheva Rajaee

4. “Of course, your relationship anxiety will be standing in the way, telling you that the risk isn’t worth taking and that the only way to feel safe in a relationship is to find the perfect person, the one who won’t trigger any anxiety in the first place.” – Sheva Rajaee

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5. “Anxiety would prefer you to stay comfortable, in safe but ultimately fruitless relationships. It would rather not face the pain, rejection, and unmet needs of childhood, and it certainly would prefer if you didn’t attempt to grow and evolve, thank you very much!” – Sheva Rajaee

6. “It asks that we risk trusting that our anxiety around relationships is not about whether our partner is smart enough, attractive enough, interesting enough, or compatible enough, but about whether they expose our psychological wounds.” – Sheva Rajaee

7. “Anxiety makes sure to pipe in just as you begin to loosen up and asks, Was the way your ex did this more enjoyable? It wonders, infuriatingly, Shouldn’t you be more into this?” – Sheva Rajaee

8. “…Will I get hurt if I let myself be vulnerable in this relationship? This fear leads many people with relationship anxiety to be avoidant of deeper commitment and connection, including physical connection.” – Sheva Rajaee

9. “And in relationship anxiety, rather than registering the important nuances of a relationship, rather than recognizing that some things are sneakers while others are stilettos, your brain has a tendency to jump straight to the worst-case scenario.” – Sheva Rajaee

10. “If you are to overcome anxiety, you must learn to tolerate it, to coexist with it, rather than attempt to shut down the conversation altogether.” – Sheva Rajaee

11. “…we tend to think of complete and consistent happiness as the goal of romantic relationships, but what if this is an unrealistic expectation? What if expecting this kind of happiness is actually making you quite sad?” – Sheva Rajaee

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12. “Anxiety disorder aside, every single couple you know has significant incompatibilities. In fact, research has shown that 69 percent of all relational problems in a marriage are considered perpetual problems, which means they result from fundamental personality differences between partners, and are never solved, only managed (Gottman and Silver 1999).” – Sheva Rajaee

13. “Imagine how much unnecessary anxiety we create when we live under the impression that our relationships should feel amazing all the time and that perfect happiness is an attainable goal!” – Sheva Rajaee

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14. “Making space for relationship anxiety is the goal only if you are in a fundamentally loving and safe relationship.” – Sheva Rajaee

15. “Your anxiety loves a good fight, like a game of tug-of-war with your mind. And because of our wiring, we believe that if we keep pulling and resisting against our anxiety, eventually we’ll win. But what would happen if you let go of the other side of the rope?” – Sheva Rajaee

16. “Because so often, beneath intrusive thinking, gut-wrenching anxiety, and worries that I just don’t love my partner enough lives an even deeper fear, one that cuts to the very quick of our primal fears of abandonment and disconnection: What if I’m not enough?” – Sheva Rajaee

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17. “You may notice that by treating your mistakes, flaws, and even your unwanted anxiety with kindness and compassion, everything about the quality of your life and relationship will benefit.” – Sheva Rajaee

18. “Most of us think of recovery as a place, a physical destination where every day is anxiety-free and every kiss feels like magic. But the truth is that recovery is much more an attitude of openness toward that which we don’t want to feel in life.” – Sheva Rajaee

19. “Of course, not all breakups are caused by your anxiety, and there’s no good reason to stay in a truly toxic partnership.” – Sheva Rajaee

20. “I can’t help but notice these days that finding and maintaining the right relationship doesn’t just matter; it matters too much. So much that it’s triggering massive amounts of anxiety and fueling a crisis of relational dissatisfaction.” – Sheva Rajaee

21. “No one can guarantee that the partner you’ve chosen will satisfy you for the rest of your life or always meet your needs (in fact, I can more confidently promise that they won’t and that you’ll have to work through it together). And no one can guarantee that what you’re experiencing is high anxiety and not just a fancy form of denial. But here’s the thing: if you are in a fundamentally healthy partnership, one that meets most but not all of your needs, one that offers respect, support, appreciation, love, and a shared vision for the future, you might not need the answer to that question.” – Sheva Rajaee

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  • Portions of this article were adapted from the book Relationship OCD, © 2022 by Sheva Rajaee. All rights reserved.

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