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Top 21 Being Too Nice Quotes

Being Too Nice Quotes

This post contains some of the best being too nice quotes.

Being Too Nice Quotes

1. “Nice Guys constantly report that their own moods are often tied to the moods of their partner. If she is happy and doing OK, so is he. If she is angry, depressed, or stressed, he will feel anxious until she is fixed. This connection runs so deep that many Nice Guys have told me that they feel guilty if they are in a good mood when their partner is not.”—Robert A. Glover

2. “When this life strategy fails to produce the desired results — as it often does — Nice Guys usually just try harder, doing more of the same. Due to the sense of helplessness and resentment this pattern inevitably produces, Nice Guys are often anything but nice.”— Robert A. Glover

3. “Seeking women’s approval gives women the power to define men and determine their worth. If a woman says he is “wrong” or thinks he is a “jerk,” a Nice Guy will be inclined to believe she is right.”—Robert A. Glover

4. “In spite of the way he treats women, he can’t understand why they all seem to be attracted to jerks, rather than Nice Guys like him.”—Robert A. Glover

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5. “Up to now we haven’t paid much attention to the Nice Guy, but he is everywhere. He is the relative who lets his wife run the show. He is the buddy who will do anything for anybody, but whose own life seems to be in shambles. He is the guy who frustrates his wife or girlfriend because he is so afraid of conflict that nothing ever gets resolved.”—Robert A. Glover

6. “Seeking women’s approval creates rage toward women. Though most Nice Guys claim to “love” women, the truth is, most of these men have tremendous rage toward women. This is because we tend to eventually despise whatever we make into our god. When our god fails to respond in the ways we expect, we humans tend to respond in one of two ways. We either blindly intensify our acts of worship or lash out in righteous anger.”—Robert A. Glover

7. “When Nice Guys put a woman or women on a pedestal and attempt to win their approval, sooner or later, this adoration will turn to rage when these objects of worship fail to live up to the Nice Guys’ expectations. This is why it is not unusual to hear a Nice Guy proclaim his undying love to a woman in one breath and then ragefully call her a “f . . . c . . .” only moments later.”—Robert A. Glover

8. “Nice Guys are givers. Nice Guys frequently state that it makes them feel good to give to others. These men believe their generosity is a sign of how good they are and will make other people love and appreciate them.”—Robert A. Glover

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Things to Say to Set Boundaries - Being too nice

9. “Nice Guys fix and caretake. If a person has a problem, has a need, is angry, depressed or sad, Nice Guys will frequently attempt to solve or fix the situation (usually without being asked).”—Robert A. Glover

10. “As long as the gay Nice Guy can convince himself that he is not sexually attracted to women, he can delude himself into thinking that women don’t have any power over him.”—Robert A. Glover

11. “Regardless of whether they were abused, abandoned, neglected, shamed, used, smothered, controlled, or objectified, all Nice Guys internalized the same belief — it was a bad or dangerous thing for them to be just who they were.”—Robert A. Glover

12. “Since Nice Guys do not believe they are OK just as they are, they see any mistake or perceived flaw as proof that they are bad and unlovable. They believe that if anyone sees how bad they really are, they will be hurt, shamed, or abandoned. As a result, Nice Guys are consummate cover-up artists.”—Robert A. Glover

13. “Of course, like any other characteristic—even positive ones—it’s possible to take niceness too far, both at work and beyond. If we allow ourselves to become pushovers, then our kindness stops being an asset and becomes a liability.”—Brash Fran Hauser

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14. “In fact, most of us have certain areas where we’re more likely to overdo it when it comes to being nice.”— Brash Fran Hauser

15. “I discovered that being nice can make us secretly less loving and more burnt out over time as we stray further and further from our authentic selves.”—Aziz Gazipura

16. “Breaking out of the niceness cage, however, is not a simple brute force move. You don’t just smash the side of the prison wall with a bulldozer and run free. Instead, finding your way out of niceness is more like maneuvering your way out of a straitjacket. You must wrestle with the old, long-standing beliefs that bound you with stories that it’s bad to ask for what you want, or that you’re selfish for saying no. ”—Aziz Gazipura

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17. “The opposite of nice is being real. It’s being direct, honest, and truthful. It’s saying what you really think, expressing how you really feel, and sharing what’s true for you in that moment. This authenticity allows others to see and know the real you, which allows you to really feel love and connection ”—Aziz Gazipura

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18. “Not nice means speaking up and asserting yourself, your opinions, ideas, and desires. It’s challenging others when you disagree, standing behind your convictions, and being willing to have difficult conversations. You do this because you want full contact with life and other humans instead of hiding who you are behind a polite wall of fear. When you do have conflict or disagreement, and you inevitably will if you’re being not nice, then you are as vulnerable, skillful, and compassionate as you can be in your communications. ”—Aziz Gazipura

19. “The opposite of nice is knowing who you are, what you believe in, and what you value. It’s you being powerful and going after what you want because you are no longer held back by the fear of what others will think of you. It’s you being fierce, determined, and courageous. It’s you being your best self. ”—Aziz Gazipura

20. “I understand the urge to be nice. I know how strong the invisible forces of guilt and fear can be. How difficult it can be to push through this to say what you really want, and express what you really think and feel. I also know how all-consuming the backlash of anxiety and guilt can be after you’ve been more direct, expressive, honest, or assertive.”—Aziz Gazipura

21. “Despite what that voice of fear and doubt says, more is possible for you. It’s possible to regain your freedom to express yourself, to say “no” and ask for what you want without guilt, and to unapologetically be yourself without all the worry about how others will react. As you do, life becomes better and better, and all your relationships thrive. You are able to find and create lasting love, form deep and fulfilling friendships, and become a powerful leader in your career. ”—Aziz Gazipura

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