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Best 50 Forgiveness Affirmations

Forgiveness Affirmations I forgive for my own sake.

This post contains some of the best forgiveness affirmations.

Why Forgive?

Forgiveness and letting go is part of our healing process.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting or fixing relationship.

It doesn’t mean you’re letting the person who hurt you off the hook.

Forgiveness is a decision to reclaim your life and your energy, so that you can live fully in the present moment.

Forgiveness Affirmations

1. All good things are possible for me.

2. I accept and experience life.

3. I accept things as they are.

4. I am able to make small changes.

5. I am capable of healing in my relationships.

6. I am here to be happy.

7. I am in charge of my own response.

8. I am open to life and all it holds.

9. I am strong enough to grieve.

10. I become aware of what negativity is costing me.

11. I can create inner change.

12. I can create new beliefs.

13. I choose my own road.

14. I choose to let go and move on.

15. I choose to see this in a different light.

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16. I forgive for my own sake.

17. I forgive to free myself.

18. I have the courage to heal.

19. I let go of bitterness.

20. I own my feelings and am willing to experience them.

21. I recognize that blame doesn’t work.

22. I recognize that judgment gets me nowhere.

23. I recognize the futility of trying to control others.

24. I see the full picture of recovery.

25. I take this small step toward growth.

26. I understand the role I play in co-creating my reality.

27. I will choose life.

28. I will show up for my life today.

29. It is okay to let anger go.

30. My life is for me to enjoy.

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Self Forgiveness Affirmations

31. I accept my slips and falls.

32. I accept that there are some people, things and situations that I can do nothing about.

33. I affirm myself in positive ways.

34. I am an uncritical observer of my own self.

35. I am capable of changing.

36. I am free to be who I am.

37. I am never alone.

38. I am willing to learn.

39. I am willing to live with all of who I am.

40. I can deal with my needs in healthy ways.

41. I can live through feelings of shame and let them go.

42. I can reach out.

43. I do my part to heal.

44. I forgive myself for participating in this dynamic.

45. I let go of my need for perfection.

46. I look within myself for myself.

47. I practice new ways of being.

48. I treat myself with gentleness and respect.

49. I trust my inner voice.

50. It is all right to love myself.

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