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Top 21 Body Image Journal Prompts (+FREE Worksheets)

Body Image Journal Prompts

This post contains some of the best body image journal prompts to promote self-acceptance.

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What Is Journaling?

Journaling is expressing your thoughts and feelings without judgment from others or yourself.

It can be written on paper, or a digital gadget, or you can record yourself.

Journaling helps you observe your internal experience and process your feelings.

It can help relieve anxiety and stress and increase wellbeing as many studies show. (*)

Body Image Journal Prompts

1. How does your body image influence your life?

2. What aspects of your physical appearance do you really dislike?

3. Can you remember a time when a negative comment was made about your body? What was it? Who said it? How did you feel?

4. Do you focus more on what you dislike about your looks than on what you like?

5. Do you attach your self-worth to your looks?

6. How do societal standards affect your body image? Do you feel the pressure from society to look a certain way?

7. How has social media affected your body image?

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8. What is your current relationship with food like? Describe it.

9. What emotional reactions do you experience when you see your reflection in the mirror?

10. What negative thoughts do you experience frequently around your looks? What would you say to a friend who has the same thoughts?

11. Do you avoid certain activities or situations because you feel self-conscious? Specify them.

12. Do you spend a lot of time, effort or money attempting to “fix” your looks? If so, how did that affect your life? How could you have used those resources differently?

13. Do you often use clothes or cosmetics to cover up the “flaws” in your looks?

14. Do you spend a lot of time worrying about what others think of your appearance?

15. Do you spend a lot of time, effort, or money trying to “fix” your looks?

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16. Do your feelings about your appearance get in the way of accepting yourself and enjoying your life?

17. How do you cope with feeling “ugly”?

18. How does your body support you? What does it allow you to do?

19. List 5 things you appreciate about your body.

20. What does your ideal relationship with your body look like to you?

21. How can you honor your body today?

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