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Positive Body Image Quiz (+FREE Body Image Worksheets)

How To Improve Body Image? Best 12 Practices to Build Positive Body Image

This post contains “positive body image quiz”.

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What Is Body Image?

Body image refers to how you personally perceive your body.

It consists of the mental picture of what you look like and your personal relationship with your body, including your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions that pertain to your physical appearance.

Positive Body Image Quiz


#1. Do you have a clear perception of your body (i.e. you see your body parts as they really are)?

#2. Do you, in general, accept and appreciate your body shape?

#3. Do you believe that a person’s appearance says very little about their worth and value as a person?

#4. Do you refuse to spend an unreasonable amount of time worrying about food and weight?

#5. Do you feel comfortable and confident in your body?

#6. Are you able to accept compliments about your appearance?

#7. Do you describe your body in positive words (e.g. beautiful, cute, lovely, good enough, etc.)?

#8. Do you have a broad concept of beauty independent of outside influences or societal messages?

#9. Do you take care of your appearance in healthy, fulfilling ways?


We will not sell your information. All results are kept confidential.

This quiz is for informational purposes only. It is not meant as a diagnostic or assessment tool.


The questions above represent common signs of positive body image. If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you probably have a positive body image.

If not, the following tips can help you improve your body image.

Why Build a positive body image?

It’s been shown that the more invested people are in their appearance, the more they become preoccupied by it, devoting so much of their thoughts, emotions, energy, and behaviors to it.

How good they feel about themselves will be largely determined by how good they look at a given moment. This really means that they feel little self-worth.

Your body image has little to do with how you look and more to do with how you perceive the way you look.

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Is Body Image Important?

Having a negative body image can cause several problems, such as low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy, social anxiety, depression, body image problems (e.g. Body Dysmorphic Disorder), eating disorders (e.g.anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa), etc.

In other words, if you dislike your body, it will be difficult to like the person to which it belongs – you!

Why Transforming Your Body Without Transforming Your Body Image Won’t Help?

If you don’t like the way look, you may find yourself trying to change your looks rather than changing the way you perceive your body.

You may believe that having a slimmer physique, a more youthful complexion, or thicker hair will make you like yourself. So you may go on diets, purchase cosmetics, or even seek surgery to fix features you dislike.

However, this approach doesn’t work, at least not in the long term.

While these approaches are a catalyst for changing your relationship with yourself, the preoccupied pursuit of diets, cosmetics, or surgical solutions, indicates there is more wrong than what one sees on the outside.

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Therapy For Body Image Issues

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Free Printable Worksheets For Body-Image (PDF)

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  • Portions of this article were adapted from the book The Body Image Workbook: An Eight-Step Program for Learning to Like Your Looks, © 1997 by Thomas F Cash. All rights reserved.