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Best 10 Mental Health Coloring Books

mental health coloring book

The following are mental health coloring books to help you relax and relieve stress.

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Mental Health Coloring Books

1. Calm the F*ck Down

By Sasha O’Hara


  • 21 single sided adult coloring pages
  • 2 color test pages
  • Irreverent illustrations are moderate to complex in detail

Coloring images include beautiful abstract doodles, animals, people and fairies.

2. Amazing Patterns

By Coloring Book Kim

This book offers:

  • Originality. All drawings are hand drawn. Individual patterns are always created with passion. This guarantees the uniqueness and originality of the performance.
  • Quality 50 different models, finished with attention to every detail, guarantee high-quality workmanship.
  • Diversity Every project is different. Which guarantees fantastic and creative play with colors.
  • Single-sided pages Each image is placed on its own page.
  • Relax Coloring amazing patterns is a great way to get away from any problems and enter the world of colors.

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3. Don’t Worry, Be Happy Coloring Book Treasury

By Thaneeya McArdle


  • 208 pages, 96 designs—3 times the size of an ordinary coloring book
  • Spiral-bound, sturdy binding lays flat and make coloring easier and more comfortable
  • Thaneeya McArdle, the talented artist behind Good Vibes Coloring Book, contributes her stunning designs
  • Designs vary in complexity from big, simple curves that are easy to fill in, to small, intricate details that focus your concentration
  • Beginner-friendly coloring guide offers coloring tips & techniques, suggested color palettes, & fully colored examples
  • High-quality, extra-thick paper stands up to markers, gel pens, colored pencils, or watercolors
  • One-side-only designs, each paired with an inspiring quote on the back and room to write a little note
  • Perforated pages detach easily for display and gift-giving

4. Anxiety Coloring Book

By June & Lucy


  • Over 30 pages to color
  • 8.5×11″ format to provide sufficient space
  • Black backed paper to avoid bleed through
  • Inspirational and motivational quotes to help inspire calmness

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5. Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults

By ReMa Press

The book offers:

  • Unique hand-drawn images – ranging from simple to more intricate, perfect for beginners as well as advanced home artists.
  • Single-sided pages – easy to tear out and make a perfect gift for anyone and any occasion.
  • Floral motives – a great way to escape from any problems and make a perfect way to finish a stressful day, release tension and relax.
  • Sparks creativity – with the freedom to use pencils, crayons, or markers our book will let you create your original artwork and increase your self-confidence.

6. Anxiety Relief Coloring Book For Adults

By YourNotes Coloring Books for Adults Relaxation

This coloring book for adults offers:

  • 50 beautiful landscape, animal and flower mandalas to color
  • Dark, textured back pages prevent bleeding
  • Varied motifs on contrast pages (dark motif background), 3D pages (motifs look more vivid), …
  • Coloring supports relaxation and stress reduction and resembles soothing meditation
  • Coloring book with soft cover in square format (8.5 x 11in)
  • Templates with medium to high complexity

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7. 100 Mindful Mandalas Coloring Book, 100 Mandala Designs

By Paper Sky Press

This coloring book features:

  • 100 unique mandala coloring pages
  • Many different mandala styles to keep you inspired to color
  • It makes the perfect, thoughtful gift
  • Single sided pages to help prevent bleed through
  • Floral, scroll and geometric mandala designs
  • 204 pages, white paper
  • 8.5 X 11 inches (21.59 X 27.94 cm)

8. Therapist Gifts Mental Health

By Gerronie Pinnij Press

Book Features:

  • 8.5”x11” Inches In Size.
  • Matte Cover Design.
  • One Sided Illustrations
  • Very helpful for Stress relief.
  • Cuss Words & Phrases Related To Mental Health Therapists

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9. The Heavenly Horse

By Elisa Fasulo

This book features 90 original pages of:

  • Soft challenges.
  • Non-exhaustive productivity.
  • Satisfying self-discovery activities – but not overly invasive.

10. Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults

By David K.

The coloring book for adults in detail:

  • 50 stress relieving designs
  • Animals, Flowers, Landscapes
  • Soft Flexible Matte Cover
  • High quality paper
  • Beautiful Illustrations
  • Single-sided Pages
  • Great gift idea

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