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Top 23 Grounding Affirmations

Grounding Affirmations

This post contains some of the best grounding affirmations.

What Is Grounding?

Grounding is a technique used to connect with the present moment and increase awareness of one’s surroundings, emotions, and thoughts.

It involves using your senses to bring your attention to the physical world and away from negative, overwhelming, or dissociative thoughts or feelings.

Some common grounding techniques include deep breathing, focusing on the present moment, engaging in physical exercise or stretching, listening to calming music, holding an object, counting or naming objects in your environment, or using guided imagery.

Grounding can be helpful in reducing anxiety, managing stress, and improving overall mental health.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that, when repeated, can counter negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones.

These affirmations could be said aloud or to yourself in your head. They could also be written.

Why Do Affirmations Work?

The way you talk to yourself matters.

Affirmations are a great way to change your self-talk and empower yourself.

Moreover, affirmations can change your beliefs and in turn influence your thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Grounding Affirmations

1. All is well in this moment.

2. I allow myself to take things one moment at a time.

3. I am breathing in peace. I am breathing out tension.

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4. I am experiencing life through all of my senses.

5. I am grateful for the breath that flows through my lungs.

6. I am grounded.

7. I am here.

8. I am present.

9. I am safe and secure.

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10. I am steady and grounded.

11. I feel inner peace.

12. I have the power to overcome my doubts and worries.

13. I notice my thoughts and feelings without judgment.

14. I release my worries.

15. In this moment, I have everything I need.

16. My breath is my anchor.

17. My mind is at peace.

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18. This moment is a gift, and I accept it with my full presence.

19. This moment is exactly as it’s meant to be.

20. I am fully conscious of this moment.

21. I have everything I need

22. At this moment, I have everything I need.

23. I am thankful for each breath.

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How to Start an Affirmation Practice?

Choose a few affirmations that really resonate with you.

If you choose to come up with your own affirmations, make sure they are short, positive, personal, and in the present tense.

You may say these affirmations out loud or in your head. You may say them while looking at yourself in the mirror, or you may repeat them to yourself throughout the day.

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Other Grounding Techniques

Here are some additional grounding techniques that can help you feel more calm and centered:

1. Deep breathing: Take deep, slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Concentrate on the sound and feeling of your breath entering and leaving your body.

2. Mindful meditation: Close your eyes and focus on being present in the moment. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings without judging or analyzing them.

3. Visualization: Imagine a peaceful scene, such as a beautiful beach or a forest. Picture yourself in that place and focus on the details of what you see, hear and smell.

4. Body scan: Start at your toes and work your way up your body, paying attention to each part of your body and how it feels. You can tense and then relax each muscle group as you go.

5. Grounding objects: Hold an object that has meaning to you, such as a favorite stone or a small trinket. Focus your attention on the texture, weight, and temperature of the object.

Remember, grounding techniques can be different for everyone, so try out different methods and find what works best for you.

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