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Top 30 Affirmations After A Break Up (+FREE Breakup Worksheets)

Affirmations After A Break Up

This post contains some of the best affirmations after a break up.

What Are Affirmations?

An affirmation is an assertion that something is true.

Affirmations are consciously chosen words that will either help you eliminate something from your life or help you create something new in your life.

Affirmations help us release negative beliefs about ourselves or about our lives and replace them with healthier, positive ones.

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Affirmations After A Break Up

1. I accept my feelings as they are and allow myself feel them.

2. I allow myself to let go.

3. I am enough.

4. I am free to be the best version of me.

5. I am safe.

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6. I am valuable and worthy.

7. I am whole on my own.

8. I embrace the present moment.

9. I enjoy spending time with myself.

10. I forgive myself.

11. I give myself permission to heal.

12. I have a lot to offer.

13. I have control over my own life.

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14. I let go of my anger.

15. I let go of past regrets.

16. I let go of resentment.

17. I let myself fully rest.

18. I take care of myself.

19. I trust that this will pass.

20. I’d rather be alone than in a toxic relationship.

21. It is getting easier day by day.

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22. It is perfectly normal to feel this after a breakup.

23. It’s time to focus on my growth.

24. My heart is healing.

25. My wounds are healing.

26. There is something better waiting for me.

27. This is only temporary pain.

28. My heart will guide the way to happiness and health.

29. I am peaceful.

30. I am kind and compassionate with myself.

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