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Top 24 Postpartum Body Quotes

Postpartum Body Quotes

This post contains some of the best postpartum body quotes.

Postpartum Body Quotes

1. “The marks that pregnancy leaves on your body are a reminder of the permanent shift in your identity.” – Rachael Murray and Anne Hill

2. “Everyone knows that during each trimester of pregnancy, a woman’s body changes in rapid and significant ways, and there is a symbiotic relationship between mother and baby. What many women don’t know is that the three months after your baby is born are just as important as the earlier three trimesters.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

3. “Our body and its form is in continuous evolution throughout our lives, it is just more noticeable and dramatic than ever after giving birth.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

4. “The decision to have a child is without a doubt one of the most consequential of your whole life. There is the obvious stuff: the changes your body will go through and the ways your social, professional, and financial life will shift.” – Rachael Murray and Anne Hill

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5. “Our relationship to our body is a primary one, and it is foundational to how we orient in life. We will inhabit this body until we die, so if we can befriend it, rather than judging, berating, and fighting with it, we only stand to sweeten our lives.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

6. “After the momentous event of carrying life and giving birth, the body takes time—almost universally, it’s longer than we’d like it to be—to reassemble itself into its new shape.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

7. “During the birth and postpartum period, women’s bodies are going through tremendous changes. Organs are returning to their optimal positions. The body is returning to a normal blood and fluid volume. Hormones are recalibrating.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

8. “The changing nature of a pregnant and post-birth body is an invitation into a new or deepening relationship with loving-kindness and impermanence. When we go within, with curiosity, there is a ripening treasure trove of wisdom to be gained by accompanying the changes and learning to love ourselves just as we are.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

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9. “Comparing ourselves to actresses that are back to work three weeks postpartum or to our friends who got back into their prepregnancy jeans in two months, only causes us to suffer. We are once again called to have long-term vision and perspective so that we are not tempted to abuse ourselves by crash dieting or overexercising in an attempt to manage anxiety or insist that our body look a certain way outside that it may not be ready to support from the inside.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

10. “Choose a couple key phrases from that voice, like “everything is going to be okay” or “it’s safe to rest,” that soothe you, and repeat them slowly, feeling them reverberate through your body.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

11. “When you hear your inner critic piping up to make a negative comment about your body, be vigilant. Be mindful not to spin into a criticism of the criticism. Pause and take a breath.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

12. “All of your energy needs to go toward healing your body and learning about your baby. Just as you are providing unlimited food for your baby, you need someone to be nourishing you.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

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13. “We think that if our body would change in the way we wanted it to, we would be happier or more content or feel sexier. The good news is that there are no physical prerequisites for happiness or our ability to experience pleasure.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

14. “The truth is that after ten months of pregnancy, the birth itself, and nine months of car seats, baby carriers, stroller attachments, and feedings, every woman’s body could use some structural realignment.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

15. “Connection to your body and a positive birth experience are key ingredients to feeling good, and sane, postpartum. Many women use pregnancy as a motivator to get in shape, while some very active women may be reluctant to—but need to—slow down as they move through their pregnancies.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

16. “Many women take the approach that they will just wait until they have all their kids and then deal with their body. But it will be much easier for you to maintain a sense of comfort and well-being in your body, which means a return to comfortable exercise and sex, if you take care of it as you move through your motherhood journey.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

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17. “You birthed a baby, and you birthed yourself into a new phase of life. There is no more pronounced shift in body, mind, and spirit than becoming a mother.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

18. “A mother’s body needs her new baby. Physically, energetically, and spiritually, there is a rupture when a new baby is taken far away from its mother and vice versa, so we must do our best to heed the wisdom of the motherbaby, to create conditions for the motherbaby to thrive.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

19. “Remember, this is a time to gradually build your stamina, taking into account all that your body has gone through. Of course, we all get impatient to return to the things we love doing, but keep in mind that being conservative now will help you recover more fully and return to activity without regressing.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

20. “Nurturing and growing a baby in your womb, and then giving birth, requires massive restructuring of your body” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

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21. “Even if you don’t suffer from a tear or a prolapse or didn’t give birth via C-section, or experience any of the other “traumas,” your body has still just gone through a staggering amount of change. It’s important that you return to exercise and your sexuality in thoughtful and informed ways, so you can continue to pursue the physical things you enjoy for the rest of your life.” – Kimberly Ann Johnson

22. “A new woman has been born. And this woman—this new mother—lives in a totally new body that has been reshaped and continues to change in innumerable ways.”– Kimberly Ann Johnson

23. “You are a new woman with a new body to explore and discover. This new woman, with her new and changing body, may have different needs and desires than the one who was left behind before pregnancy—and the one left behind before the baby exited.”– Kimberly Ann Johnson

24. “Because our body feels so different in the weeks, months, and even years after having a baby, we need to connect with our bodies in these changes. Instead of demanding that our body perform, behave, or act like it used to, we must listen to our new body and what her new needs are.”– Kimberly Ann Johnson

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