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Am I Emotionally Unavailable Quiz (+FREE Worksheets)

Am I Emotionally Unavailable Quiz

This post contains “Am I emotionally unavailable quiz” to help you increase self-awareness.

What Is Emotional Unavailability?

Emotional availability is the ability to express one’s emotions, respond to the other person’s emotions, and share a healthy emotional connection.

Emotional unavailability, on the other hand, refers to the difficulty to express and handle emotions and fear of intimacy and commitment.

Emotional unavailability tend to cause issues in relationships most, but people can exhibit emotionally unavailable tendencies even with themselves.

People who are emotionally unavailable tend to struggle to identify their feelings, needs, and desires.

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Am I Emotionally Unavailable Quiz

The following questions represent common signs of emotional unavailability:


#1. Do you tend to avoid commitment or labels by insisting you don’t want to define the relationship?

#2. Do your conversations tend to stay surface level?

#3. Do you struggle to talk about your feelings?

#4. Do you tend to struggle to empathize with others when they share their feelings?

#5. Do relationships feel like a job or a burden because you have to work hard to have emotional conversations that will sustain the relationship?

#6. Do you tend to struggle with relationship anxiety where you about your partner’s feelings, your own feelings, or the state of the relationship?

#7. Do you often struggle o trust your partner even when they’ve done nothing that suggests they can’t be trusted?


We will not sell your information. All results are kept confidential.

This quiz is for informational purposes only. It is not meant as a diagnostic or assessment tool.


The questions above represent common signs of emotional unavailability. If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you might be emotionally unavailable.

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What Causes Emotional Unavailability?

There isn’t one cause for emotional unavailability. Rather a number of factors can contribute to emotional unavailability, including:

Attachment style: people with insecure attachment styles tend to struggle with emotional unavailability.

Trauma: exposure to trauma, such as abuse or neglect can make it difficult to trust others.

Past relationships: negative past experiences can make it difficult to trust again.

Lack of self awareness: for those who never learned to connect with their own feelings, thoughts, and needs, it can be difficult to be emotionally available.

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