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Self Harm Addiction Quiz

Self Harm Addiction Quiz (+FREE Self-Harm Resources)

This post contains “Self Harm Addiction Quiz” along with resources to get help. What Is Self-Harm? Self-harm is something people do purposely to harm themselves physically, without intending to kill themselves. Some of the most common forms of self-harm include: cutting, burning, biting, punching or hitting oneself. Self-harm can also include scratching or picking at […]

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Emetophobia Quiz (Vomit Phobia)

Emetophobia Quiz (Vomit Phobia)

This post contains “Emetophobia Quiz” along with helpful tips on how to overcome emetophobia. What Is Emetophobia? Emetophobia is a fear of vomiting. It is estimated about 0.1% of the population have vomit phobia. (source) Emetophobia is a mental health condition that is classified as a specific phobia, which involves having a persistent, intense, and irrational fear

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Emotionally Unavailable Parents Test

Emotionally Unavailable Parents Test (+FREE Emotional Neglect Worksheets PDF)

This post contains “Emotionally unavailable parents test” to help you assess any emotional neglect you’ve experienced as a child. Who Are The Emotionally Unavailable Parents? Emotionally unavailable parents lack the ability to be present or provide emotional reactions in the face of their child’s emotional needs. For example, you may tell your mother about being

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Compassion Fatigue Self Test

Compassion Fatigue Self Test

This post contains “Compassion fatigue self test.” What Is Compassion Fatigue? Compassion fatigue is the stress resulting from caring for traumatized individuals. This is also known as secondary or vicarious trauma. The following is a list of some of the many who are at risk of burnout and compassion fatigue: Related: Resiliency Quiz: Am I

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