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Top 21 Codependency Journal Prompts (+PDF Codependency Worksheets)

Codependency Journal Prompts

This post contains some of the best codependency journal prompts.

Codependency Journal Prompts

1. What problems does codependency cause for you?

2. Is codependency helpful in any way?

3. How do you feel about giving up the unhealthy aspect of codependency? What are you afraid will happen if you remove your codependency shield?

4. How will your life be better if you can be less codependent?

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5. Was codependency encouraged in your family or culture? How so?

6. How can you connect with yourself more?

7. How can you start taking better care of your physical and mental health?

8. What interests and hobbies have you been neglecting that you’d like to pursue?

9. What self-care activities would make your life more enjoyable and less stressful?

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10. Is there a relationship where you’re tired of helping? Can you stay silent instead of volunteering?

11. What boundaries do you need to start setting in your relationships?

12. Is there a situation where you feel excessive need of control? If so, how can you detach and let go?

13. Do you find yourself often obsessively worrying about what others think of you? If so, what can you do to feel less obsessed?

14. How can you start practicing gentleness and compassion toward yourself?

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15. How can you let go of the need to be perfect and forgive yourself for making mistakes? What unrealistic expectations of yourself to you need to let go of?

16. How can you embrace your imperfections and accept yourself more?

17. Where can you ask for emotional support or help?

18. Do you believe self-care is selfish? If so, think about what you would tell a friend who has the same belief. Say it to yourself!

19. What can you do to assert and stand up for yourself more?

20. Take some time to write about your values and what is most important to you.

21. What interests and hobbies do you enjoy? How can you pursue these more?

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FREE Codependency Worksheets PDF


Journaling is a powerful tool for increasing self-awareness and promoting healing.

Journaling is especially helpful for codependent because it helps them connect with and focus on themselves more.

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