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Top 19 Journal Prompts For Perfectionists (+FREE Perfectionism Worksheets)

Journal Prompts For Perfectionists

This post contains some of the best journal prompts for perfectionists.

Journal Prompts For Perfectionists

1. Has perfectionism been a lifelong problem for you? At what age did you begin to notice that perfectionism was an issue? Has it worsened or improved over time?

2. Was there a time when your perfectionism was helpful to you? If so, how? What changed over time?

3. Are you aware of any early experiences that may have caused perfectionism (e.g. modeling of perfectionistic behaviors by caregivers, external pressure, criticism, reinforcement of perfectionistic behaviors, etc.)?

4. In what ways has your perfectionism been rewarded in your life?

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5. Is your perfectionism causing problems in your relationships with others (e.g., friendships, romantic relationship, parenting)?

6. What feelings do you tend to experience when your perfectionism is triggered? Anxiety? Fear? Inadequacy? Shame? Guilt?

7. How do you feel physically when perfectionism-related feelings hits (e.g. intense arousal symptoms such as racing heart, breathlessness, sweating, stomach ache, dizziness, etc.)?

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8. What sorts of situations tend to trigger feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, or distress? In what areas of your life do you tend to be most perfectionistic? At home? At school? At work? What high standards do you have for yourself in each of those situations? Are you able to meet those standards? If so, at what cost?

9. Do your standards help you to achieve your goals or do they cause you to get less work done?

10. What would be the costs and the benefits of relaxing a particular standard or ignoring a rule that you have for yourself or others?

11. To what degree do you define your self-worth in terms of your attaining your goals?

12. What do you fear might happen if you made a mistake or other people noticed a mistake or imperfection? What would you tell a friend who has the same fear?

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13. How can you remind yourself that you are enough just as you are?

14. If you feel anxious, how can you calm yourself?

15. What can you do to show yourself more acceptance and compassion?

16. What are your strengths?

17. What are you grateful for most?

18. What values do you want to live by? What is most important to you in life?

19. How can you enjoy the process more rather than focusing only on the outcome?

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