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Top 19 Journal Prompts For Boundaries (+FREE Worksheets)

Journal Prompts For Boundaries

This post contains some of the best journal prompts for boundaries to help you become more assertive.

What Are Journaling Prompts?

A journal prompt is a phrase, an idea, or a question that serves as a focal point to connect with yourself.

Free-write journaling can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to begin. Journaling prompts help to provide a starting point for writing.

What Are Healthy Boundaries?

Many people mistakenly believe that setting boundaries is about cutting people off.

Emotional boundaries are perimeters that we establish with ourselves and others.

They’re about communicating to others what treatment we will or will not tolerate. But they’re also about taking responsibility for your own life.

Boundaries help us feel safe in our relationships.

Are you suffering from unhealthy boundaries? The following are common signs your boundaries may be unhealthy.

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feelings resentful
  • Burnout
  • Neglecting self-care
  • Struggling to say no
  • Struggling to ask for help
  • Rescuing others

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Journal Prompts For Boundaries

1. Has lack of healthy boundaries been a lifelong problem for you?

2. At what age did you begin to notice that your boundaries were unhealthy? Has it worsened or improved over time?

3. Did you feel safe setting boundaries in your family?

4. Are you aware of any early experiences that may have caused unhealthy boundaries?

5. How are unhealthy boundaries causing problems in your relationships with others (e.g., friendships, romantic relationship, parenting)?

6. How would your life be different if you had healthier boundaries?

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7. What are your deepest fears around starting to set boundaries or continuing your journey setting them? What would you say to someone who has the same fears?

8. How can you remind yourself that you deserve to set healthy emotional boundaries? (e.g. “I am worthy of healthy boundaries.”)

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9. If you feel anxious when setting a boundary or saying no, how can you calm yourself?

10. What can you do to show yourself more acceptance and compassion?

11. How can you connect with yourself and your needs more?

12. What boundaries would help protect your energy right now?

13. What would it feel freeing to say no to?

14. What self-care activities would make your life more enjoyable and less stressful?

15. What can you do to start to feel comfortable and confident to share your boundaries with others?

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16. Do you find yourself often obsessively worrying about what others think of you? If so, what can you do to feel less obsessed?

17. How can you start practicing gentleness and compassion toward yourself?

18. Where can you ask for emotional support or help?

19. What can you do to assert and stand up for yourself more?

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