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Top 50 Put Yourself First Quotes

Put Yourself First Quotes (1)

This post contains some of the best put yourself first quotes.

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Put Yourself First Quotes

1. “Discovering where love isn’t flowing in your life, helps manifest smoother pathways. Whom are you judging? Who are you angry with? Who do you blame? When you fill these spaces with love, and nonreaction, you set yourself free.”— Nerissa Marie

2. “Deciding to love yourself is another poor substitute for the actual experience of it. Deciding works well in matters of choice: smooth or crunchy peanut butter? Right or left at the comer? Bach or Beatles on the stereo? Fortunately for us, there is no choice about loving ourselves.”—Gay Hendricks

3. “You don’t have to ‘be perfect’ in order to succeed in finding your hearts higher truths, career paths, lovers etc. You simply need to accept yourself in the now.”—Nerissa Marie

4. “Give yourself time to breathe, if you’ve been running on the treadmill of, ‘I’ll never be good enough’. You’ll need to catch your breath and give yourself permission to realise that in this moment you already are a divine being of love and light.”—Nerissa Marie

5. “When you are fully open to love, you can provide an endless supply of it for yourself and others.”—Gay Hendricks

6. “The tricky part can be loving yourself unconditionally where you are at, versus judging and bullying yourself. Know first that your purpose is to connect to the infinity of your being then surrender all to Spirit, and take instructions from universal consciousness. When you live a life of magic and love, you align yourself with a higher path of love.”—Nerissa Marie

7. “Allow yourself to be the full expression of who you are.”—Nerissa Marie

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8. “Remember, you don’t need to go around loving yourself all the time for your life to work wonderfully. You just have to go around being willing to love yourself. Willingness lets you flow with the stream rather than against it.”—Gay Hendricks

9. “Remember not to pressure yourself when learning to release and create a positive mindset. Surrender negativity into the consciousness of all that is. Accept the darkness, or fears that reside within your soul rather than trying to suppress it and run away.”—Nerissa Marie

10. “If we are having trouble loving ourselves for feeling guilty, we can try loving the separate parts of it. It may be easier to love yourself for feeling scared, for example, than it is to love yourself for feeling guilty.”—Gay Hendricks

11. “Part of learning to love yourself involves undergoing a radical transformation of how your mind sees things, so that you can see the world as a place where you are in total control of how much love you are willing to experience.”—Gay Hendricks

12. “Taking care of yourself first, is the greatest gift you can bring to this world. When you learn to love yourself, it’s like turning the light on.”—Nerissa Marie

13. “In learning to love yourself you will always be running up against the next biggest reason why you should not love yourself, just as in relationship to another person you will always be coming up against the next barrier to loving them. Learning to love always feels a little risky, even outlandish at times. We think, I could never love myself for that, or, I could never accept that about another person.”—Gay Hendricks

14. “When you release the need to depend on others for approval, you give yourself the gift of ultimate freedom. Where do you want to live? If you have children, how do you want to raise them? How would you like to feed yourself? What quests would you like to embark upon? You can tip the scales and allow your fear mind to become aware that good awaits, as you allow yourself to open like a flower to sunlight.”—Nerissa Marie

15. “Simply love yourself, regardless of reason. Love yourself for hating yourself, for not being able to love yourself. Love yourself for all the crazy reasons you don’t love yourself. Reasons are a retreat to an imaginary safety, when all the time the real safety of love is there if we are willing to expand into it. No matter what tricks your mind tries in order to keep you from realizing this fact, you can experience the truth of it any time, any place, in any mood, by simply opening up in love to yourself at that moment.”—Gay Hendricks

16. “Learning to love yourself in a relationship is seeing that you will create the very situations you need that allow you to experience the parts of yourself you cannot love.”—Gay Hendricks

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17. “Shelter yourself when you feel you need to. Retract, give yourself time to heal. When you feel safe enough step forwards into love and living your truth again. Tiptoe if need be. Be gentle on yourself. The more you learn to trust yourself, and have faith in the universe the easier life flows.”—Nerissa Marie

18. “Isn’t it conceited to love yourself? Being conceited is attempting to prove to the world that you are okay after you have come to feel that you are unlovable. There is a fundamental gap between how you feel inside and what you are presenting to the outside world. As you feel more genuine love for yourself you have less need to prove your lovableness to the outside world. It shows naturally.”—Gay Hendricks

19. “Is learning to love yourself the same thing as “positive thinking”? Some approaches to “positive thinking” would have us ignore the negative thought or replace it with a positive one: if we think, I don’t like Jack, we would ignore it or think something positive about Jack instead. In learning to love ourselves we take what is there and love our way through it, rather than ignoring it or rushing to replace it with something more pleasant. So we might love ourselves first for the dislike we feel. This act gives space to our reaction rather than crowding it out. Loving it the way it is allows us to learn from it.”—Gay Hendricks

20. “Having a spiritual relationship with yourself isn’t always about feeling happy-go-lucky with every situation in your life. Or always being your own upbeat cheer squad. It’s about honouring your darker aspects, accepting your taunting fears and being willing to forgive yourself and others. Until we release the need to block out shame, blame, terror, emptiness and lack we create a wall where it’s hard to see where we want to go, what truly makes us happy, and the smoothest pathway to peace.”—Nerissa Marie

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21. “What do I do when I am hating myself? One thing you can do is love yourself for hating yourself. Hate is part of life, too. Love can contain it. Nothing that can be experienced is too big for love to contain. It holds everything.”—Gay Hendricks

22. “Connect to your uniqueness. Uncomfortable experiences are there to guide you inwards and help you to become compassionate towards others and yourself. To learn acceptance.”—Nerissa Marie

23. “What can I do when I can’t remember how to love myself? The quick ticket to ecstasy is to catch yourself feeling in a very low state of mind-depressed, stupid, hateful-and to love yourself for feeling just that way. When you do that you can experience a rocket ride right to the top. Love does not take time; it’s possible to transform depression into ecstasy in a flash. But please do not accept my word for it. Try it as an experiment next time you are feeling low.”—Gay Hendricks

24. “Whatever your beliefs may be about yourself and the world, remember that they are only thoughts, and thoughts can be changed.”—Louise Hay

25. “You are more than enough. If you can see yourself as the mirror image of source; pure unconditional love, the art of sliding into your purpose will manifest.”—Nerissa Marie

26. “I do not encourage you to blame your parents. We are all victims of victims, and they could not teach you something that they did not know. If your mother or father did not know how to love themselves, it would have been impossible for them to teach you how to love yourself. They were coping as best they could with the information they had. Think for a minute about how they were raised. If you want to understand your parents more, I suggest that you ask them about their childhoods.”—Louise Hay

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27. “No matter what the problem is, your experiences are outer effects of inner thoughts. Even self-hatred is a thought you have about yourself. This thought produces a feeling, and you buy into that feeling. However, if you don’t have the thought, you won’t have the feeling. Thoughts can be changed. Change the thought, and the feeling must go.”—Louise Hay

28. “Allow yourself to go beyond words and feel the divinity and peace of your own nature.”—Nerissa Marie

29. “Give yourself one month of talking to your inner child in positive ways.”—Louise Hay

30. “Compassion allows you to be gentle on others and yourself. When we only allow perfection, we become unforgiving of mistakes. Thus neglecting the human experience as being just that, an experience. It’s not the defining source of our being.”—Nerissa Marie

31. “Trying to be yourself all the time can be a struggle as we naturally create faces and personas for different people. Until we know the truth of our essence, the love in the heart of our being, we keep searching for completion outside ourselves. Authenticity stems from self-love.”—Nerissa Marie

32. “As you release the need to pick on yourself all the time, you will notice that you no longer criticize others so much. When you make it okay to be yourself, then you automatically allow others to be themselves. Their little habits no longer bother you so much. You release the need to “change them” as you want to be. As you stop judging others, they release the need to judge you. Everybody gets to be free.”—Louise Hay

33. “Limit the amount of time that you devote to comparing yourself to others. When you get the urge to look up that old friend online who’s doing fabulously, or compare your body or wealth to celebrities and the world’s rich list, find something self-enriching and positive to give your attention to instead.”—Nerissa Marie

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34. “Loving and approving of yourself, trusting in the process of life, and feeling safe because you know the power of your own mind are extremely important issues when dealing with addictive behavior.”—Louise Hay

35. “Find compassion for yourself in the moment. Be real, by loving your perceived flaws. This is divine gratitude.”—Nerissa Marie

36. “Saying “I approve of myself” is guaranteed to bring up everything in your consciousness that is in opposition. When a negative thought like, “How can you approve of yourself-you spent all of your money” or “You just ate two pieces of cake” or “You”ll never amount to anything,” or whatever your negative babble may be, this is the time to take mental control. Give it no importance. Just see the thought for what it is, another way to keep you stuck in the past. Gently say to this thought, “Thank you for sharing. I let you go, I approve of myself.” These thoughts of resistance will have no power over you unless you choose to believe them.”—Louise Hay

37. “I know it’s not easy to put yourself first, take control of your career, and be your own advocate. But as Barack Obama said, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.””—Laurie Ruettimann

38. “Allow yourself to be free. Come out of prison and step into the sunshine of life.”—Louise Hay

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39. “Feel the feelings in your body—don’t conceptualize about them in your mind. Be with them by directing sensitive awareness toward them. Feel them as intensely as you can, and love yourself for feeling them.”—Gay Hendricks

40. “When you love yourself enough to rise above the old situation, then understanding and forgiveness will be easy. And you will be free. Does freedom frighten you? Does it feel safer to be stuck in your old resentment and bitterness?”—Louise Hay

41. “Learning to love yourself will bring into your awareness the very next thing that needs to be loved, and you will be stretched by it, sometimes to the limit.”—Gay Hendricks

42. “In other words, it is just as possible to love yourself when you are stuck as it is to love yourself when you are free. At either end of the spectrum, loving ourselves seems like the only choice we have.”—Gay Hendricks

43. “Most of all, forgive yourself. Stop being hard on yourself. Self-punishment isn’t necessary. You were doing the very best you could.”—Louise Hay

44. “If birth and early life decisions do not cause you to forget to love yourself, then the estrangement from your own experience, which we discussed above, often will.”—Gay Hendricks

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45. “Put on some soft music-something that will make you feel relaxed and peaceful. Now take a pad and pen, and let your mind drift. Go back into the past, and think of all the things that you are angry with yourself over. Write them down. Write them all down. You may discover that you have never forgiven yourself for wetting your pants and being embarrassed in the first grade. What a long time to carry that burden!”—Louise Hay

46. “Forgive yourself. Let it go. Give yourself the space to be spontaneous and free. There is no need for shame and guilt.”—Louise Hay

47. “One of the hardest things about learning to love yourself is to remember that all you have to do is love yourself for how you are feeling at the moment.”—Gay Hendricks

48. “You don’t have to get better before you can love yourself.”—Gay Hendricks

49. “Love yourself for what you are experiencing. It matters not if you do not know how to love yourself. At first just say the words if you can’t figure out how. Say “I love myself for (not being able to love myself, being scared, feeling happy, etc.).” After a while you will probably identify a physical sensation of loving yourself.”—Gay Hendricks

50. “Remember that whatever position you may find yourself in … your thinking got you there. The people around you are only mirroring what you believe you deserve.”—Louise Hay

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