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Best 50 Body Neutrality Affirmations (+Body Image Resources)

Body Neutrality Affirmations

This post contains some of the best body neutrality affirmations.

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What Is Body Neutrality?

The term “body neutrality” gained popularity in 2016 when counselor Anne Poirier started leading workshops that help participants acknowledge that loving their bodies isn’t always a realistic expectation.

According to Poirier, for many people, “it’s kind of a long jump to move to body positivity from dissatisfaction”.

The aim of body neutrality is to encourage us to change the way we think about body, practice mindfulness, and allow things to “just be”.

The goal here is to step back from our self-talk about our appearance and allow ourselves to exist within our bodies without judgment, which helps free us to focus on things that matter most to us.

We may not always like the way we look, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Body Neutrality Affirmations

1. Choosing healthy foods is an act of love for my body and mind.

2. Every body is different and that’s perfectly fine.

3. Healthy looks different on different bodies.

4. I accept food as nourishment for my body.

5. I accept my body unconditionally and acknowledge all that my body can do.

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6. I acknowledge that there’s more to life than my outward appearance.

7. I aim to speak to myself like I would to someone I care about.

8. I am an imperfect, yet lovable human being.

9. I am kind to my body even when I feel uncomfortable with my looks.

10. I am learning to care for my body just like it cares for me

11. I am not alone in suffering. It is part of the human condition.

12. I am thankful for my body because it does so much for me.

13. I am worthy of love and compassion, regardless of my size.

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14. I am worthy of love regardless of what my body looks like.

15. I can experience a full life in any body size.

16. I deserve to enjoy food.

17. I deserve to enjoy my life.

18. I eat for energy and nourishment.

19. I give myself permission to feel sad or dissatisfied.

20. I listen to my body and honor my needs.

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21. I look in the mirror and see a loving, compassionate person.

22. I may not love my body, but I appreciate all the things it does for me.

23. I offer so much value to this world and that has nothing to do with my body.

24. I release all judgment toward my body.

25. I release all negative thoughts about my body.

26. I respect my body.

27. I value and honor my body.

28. Life is too short to worry about my looks.

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29. My body changes and that’s okay.

30. My body deserves my kindness.

31. My body deserves to be taken care of.

32. My body does a lot for me.

33. My body does not define my worth.

34. My body is a gift.

35. My body is here to help me, not hurt me.

36. My body is inherently wise.

37. My body is only one small part of who I am.

38. My body is simply a vessel for my soul.

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39. My body keeps me going and I am grateful for that.

40. My life can be fulfilling, regardless of my body.

41. My opinion of myself matters most.

42. My soul is the most beautiful thing about me.

43. My worth is not determined by a size.

44. Self-comparison is irrelevant. We are all built differently.

45. Sometimes I love the way I look and sometimes I don’t, and that’s okay.

46. Taking care of myself feels good.

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47. There is more to me than my physical appearance.

48. There is so much more to life than worrying about my weight.

49. This is my body and I accept it.

50. When I am hungry, I eat.

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How to Use Body Neutrality Affirmations?

1. Choose the right affirmations: Select affirmations that specifically focus on body neutrality.

2. Create a routine: Set aside a specific time each day to practice affirmations. This can be in the morning, before bed, or any other time that works best for you.

3. Find a quiet and comfortable space: Sit or lie down in a calm environment where you won’t be easily distracted.

4. Repeat the affirmations: Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and begin repeating the chosen affirmations to yourself. Say them out loud or silently in your mind, whichever feels more effective for you.

5. Visualize the affirmations: As you repeat the affirmations, try to visualize the statements becoming true. Imagine feeling confident, accepting, and appreciative of your body. Let these positive feelings wash over you.

6. Believe in the affirmations: It’s essential to genuinely believe in the power of the affirmations. Trust that they are gradually reshaping your perception of your body and fostering body neutrality.

7. Practice consistency: Daily repetition is key to reinforcing positive beliefs and changing negative thought patterns. Make it a habit to incorporate body neutrality affirmations into your daily routine.


Remember, body neutrality is about shifting the focus away from appearance and towards self-acceptance and appreciation for your body as it is.

Be patient with yourself throughout this process and remember that every small step towards body neutrality is an important one.

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