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Top 31 March Journal Prompts For Adults (+FREE PDF Download)

March Journal Prompts For Adults

This post contains some of the best March journal prompts.

March Journal Prompts For Adults

1. What are your goals for this month?

2. What is something you look forward to this month?

3. What are you most grateful for right now?

4. What have you done lately that you are particularly proud of?

5. What is a good advice you’ve received recently?

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6. If you could change ONE thing in your life, what would it be?

7. What are some things you need to let go of and things you need to have more of for your well-being?

8. How can you show yourself more love and compassion this month?

9. What went well today?

10. What’s one thing you need to forgive yourself for?

11. What do you want to learn more about this month?

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12. What feelings does this month bring up for you that you need to process?

13. What gives you comfort most? How can you do more of it?

14. How’s this month going for you so far?

15. Brainstorm goals for next month.

16. What can you change about your routine that will reduce your stress?

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17. How comfortable are you with asserting yourself? Do you struggle to say “no”? If so, what can you do to becomes more assertive?

18. What are some random acts of kindness you can do this month?

19. Are there areas of your life where you’re holding yourself back? Why and how?

20. List something you are not happy with right now. What can do to address the issue?

21. Write down some of your favorite quotations for this month.

22. Make a list of movies, books, or songs that always lift your mood.

23. What are 3 things you’re good at?

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24. List 3 of your top priorities in your life. Is how you spend your time in line with these priorities?

25. List the people you are grateful to have in your life. Why?

26. What’s your favorite daily affirmation?

27. What can you do this month to keep active and healthy?

28. What was the best thing that happened to you this month so far?

29. How has journaling helped you grow?

30. What do you need to release? How can you remind yourself that you have released this when it comes up again?

31. Recap how this month was for you, what went right and what didn’t go well?

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